About Us

We heard many people say that it is impossible to find a plumber / electrician / carpenter who is reliable and can do a quality job. This set us thinking why the current search directories don't work. The reasons were many:

  • They were paid listings.
  • Reviews were fake / not reliable.
  • And once we leave our contact number with search directories, we would get a plethora of calls making my life hell.

Moreover, we still don't have a clue of which service provider to engage with as there is no guarantee of quality of work, fair pricing and the provider coming on time to do the job. This set us thinking, why this process has to be so painful. Why cant we buy local services the way we buy products from ecommerce sites on the click of a button.

Housejoy was conceived to solve precisely this pain area.

  • Beauty
    The fix (as a woman would call it) involves hair trimming, pedicure/manicure, hair colour, waxing facial and blowouts. We bring the salon to you. Experienced beauticians to pamper you in the comfort of your home. Again, We do it all !
  • Cleaning
    Now have your showers, tiled walls, toilets, vanity and sink, floors, carpets, rugs, cleaned and disinfected. Baseboards wiped or dusted. Trash removed and trash cans sanitised. Mirrors and wall fixtures cleaned and shine as new as they could get. Cobwebs removed. We do it all !
  • Plumbing
    A leak stopped is a drop saved! Helping you with your bathroom or kitchen renovation projects, fixing drips, clogs, and leaks is what we take pride in getting done. Leaky toilets, hot water heaters that don't work, clogged drains, heating problems, low water pressure, broken pipes - We do it all !
  • Electrical
    Tube light repair/replacement, rewiring, MCB replacement or Switch replacements. Whatever be your electrical issue, we have the solution. We do it all! HouseJoy will ensure you get the best possible technician with optimum expertise.
  • Laptop Repairs
    Thus far we have dealt with dead batteries, system hangs, hard disk crashes, internet outages, liquid spills over keyboards, colourful monitors, mouse issues, viruses, ram issues and what not, we've heard'em all. If you can give us something new, we'd be happy to fix that too !
  • Appliances
    One compartment cools while the other remains warm? Noise coming from the refrigerator or freezer? The light ain't coming on inside the refrigerator? Frost coming out of unusual compartments? Washer is not agitating and/or spinning? Washer is not draining out water? Not finishing a cycle? or simply just leaking? We've dealt with'em all !
  • Packers & Movers
    Moving to a new house? We’re a one-stop-shop for all your end-to-end relocation needs - packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical help and the list goes on.
  • Carpentry
    Be it a general carpentry, exquisite furniture, loose hinges, new product assembly, bolt and latches, wall hangings we do it all !
  • Laundry
    Soiled clothes from that vacation? Stains from the party? From a clean wash along with crisp steam iron and dry cleaning, we'll have your clothes looking new and smelling fresh! We care for your clothes and do it all!
  • Pest Control
    Disinfestation treatment, Cockroach extermination, termite expulsion, fly management, bed bug control, rodent control, bird control, bee hive removal - We do it all !
  • Painting
    Refurbish the look of both the interiors and exteriors of your home. The use of creative designs and finest quality of the material is our painting service provider's prerequisite. Be it popular buildings, homes, offices, hotels or restaurants.
  • Document Services
    Time’s ticking on that long pending document filing? We’ll take care of your time-consuming document tasks - applying for passport, pan card, filing your taxes, getting your GST registration done etc.
  • Rangoli
    Festival season is never complete without a vibrant dash of colourful rangoli making your precious home livelier! Take your pick from our diverse collection of beautiful rangoli designs & our experts will add their own touch of magic to it.