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Carpentry Services

Bolt, Latch, Handle Work

Bolt, Latch, Handle Work

Furniture Installation And Assembly

Furniture Installation And Assembly

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  • keyboard_arrow_right100% satisfaction guaranteed or free re-work
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTrained and Certified Carpenters
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBackground verified staff
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuaranteed quality of service
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages
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    • remove_circleAluminium fabrication
    • remove_circleFalse ceiling

    Do you Need Strong Door Latches for Home? Book Residential Carpentry Services on

    Do you need a custom-made chair for your study room or do you need your bed to be altered to fit perfectly in your cozy room? Why look for a random ‘carpenter near me’ online to get these tasks done? No matter how big or small your carpentry for home or office need may be, you can find an excellent quality of work from the professionals at Housejoy. Their experts are properly trained for the tasks and undergo thorough background verification checks. So you can feel at ease when they come home for the job. Also, all their carpentry home service experts have years of experience and perform top-notch home carpentry services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. So, go ahead and book a carpentry service in Ahmedabad by registering on or Housejoy app.

    Are you moving to a new area in the city and do you need your bed and other furniture to be dismantled and rearranged expertly? Why do it all by yourself or search for ‘carpenter near me’ in hopes to find someone readily available for these chores? Simply log on to, book a top-class home carpentry service and get connected with the best carpenters in Ahmedabad who handle your woodworks with care. The professionals at Housejoy are certified and punctual. Be it big or small, they offer professional carpentry services and execute each and every task with the same level of interest and motivation. So, the next time you need any furniture assembly, dismantling or repairs at home or office, book professional carpentry services on the Housejoy app with few taps and be amazed at the quality of work done by the professionals.

    Do you need old door handles and hinges of your bathroom repaired? Are they completely worn down making it hard to open and close easily ? Get rid of this pesky problem by simply choosing the best carpentry service in Ahmedabad. And when there’s talk of the best service, only Housejoy home services come to mind. Housejoy is India’s premier home services provider which offers high-quality residential and commercial services for your plumbing, painting electrical and carpentry for home needs. All the professional carpentry services offered on are executed by skilled, background-verified experts who uphold high work standards to make sure 100% satisfaction with the finished job.

    Do you want a new sofa constructed with exact measurements that can create more living room space? Are you looking for top-notch residential carpentry services to get two or three custom-made wooden seats to fill in the space of your compact living room? Having custom-built wooden sofa and chairs can give an old-worldly, rustic feel to your living space. With the help of skilled carpenters and top-quality raw materials, a fine wooden sofa can be designed specifically for your modern apartment or cozy home. Stop looking for carpentry services online to find someone for this task. It might not show relevant results for the exact service that you are looking for and will leave you frustrated. Skip the hassle, head straight to and choose a superior quality home carpentry service. Trust Housejoy experts to deliver home carpentry services in the most skillful way there is.

    Are you looking to install strong door locks and chains to your front door to make your home more safe and secure? Adding a peephole to your main door can further accentuate security. By doing these, you can be assured of who is on the other side of the door and sleep more peacefully. There is no need to look for carpentry services online to get these door installations. Simply visit and get connected with carpentry home service experts who will render top-quality residential carpentry services. They are experienced and efficient in installing and replacement of door stoppers, handles, chains, latches and much more. With the help of home carpentry services on, you can also seek to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any old piece of furniture to make it appear brand-new. There’s no need to waste time hunting for a local carpentry home service near your home when you can book the best-quality carpentry service in Ahmedabad just by logging into your Housejoy account.

    Are you looking for a new mesh to be attached to your windows to keep dust and mosquitoes away? Do you need to get a few chips and nicks of your coffee table or kitchen cabinets fixed? No more waiting for your local carpenter to show up to solve these problems. Book residential carpentry services on to get speedy expert help. In cases of mesh installation for windows, the expert professionals from Housejoy fix/replace mesh directly onto the window shutters or using Velcro. If you are uncertain as to which of the woodworks in your apartment need special attention, then book a full home health check service.Their experts will come home examine them carefully and get the jobs done.


    • Are the rates higher than local technicians ?

      All our Service Providers are among the best in market, each having an experience of around 5 - 15 years in the domain and hence their quality is miles ahead of the local technicians. We don't send random unverified service providers; all of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. We ensure a guaranteed satisfaction on your job. We also offer 7 days warranty on the work done in case you are not satisfied. We would do the rework free of cost should a problem arise within 7 days of the work done by us.
    • Does the rates include material/spare part charges?

      All our rates are for labour charges only. They do not include the cost of materials. Our Service Providers will tell you what all materials (spare parts) are needed. You can buy the materials by yourself, or our Service Provider will buy the same for you.