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Carpentry Services

Bolt, Latch, Handle Work

Bolt, Latch, Handle Work

Furniture Installation And Assembly

Furniture Installation And Assembly

Why Choose Us?

  • keyboard_arrow_right100% satisfaction guaranteed or free re-work
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTrained and Certified Carpenters
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBackground verified staff
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuaranteed quality of service
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages
Inclusions & Exclusions
    • remove_circleGlass work
    • remove_circleAluminium fabrication
    • remove_circleFalse ceiling


    • Are the rates higher than local technicians ?

      All our Service Providers are among the best in market, each having an experience of around 5 - 15 years in the domain and hence their quality is miles ahead of the local technicians. We don't send random unverified service providers; all of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. We ensure a guaranteed satisfaction on your job. We also offer 7 days warranty on the work done in case you are not satisfied. We would do the rework free of cost should a problem arise within 7 days of the work done by us.
    • Does the rates include material/spare part charges?

      All our rates are for labour charges only. They do not include the cost of materials. Our Service Providers will tell you what all materials (spare parts) are needed. You can buy the materials by yourself, or our Service Provider will buy the same for you.

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    Reach The Most Trusted Carpentry Services In Bangalore

    Furniture related services become a need every now and then. Hence, having a fast method of finding carpenters can help in saving a lot of time and money. Which is why Housejoy is popular among the users. Our network of exceptionally professional carpenter in Bangalore brings a sense of convenience and safety for the service seekers. Every carpentry service stays ready to serve your desires here.

    What services you attain within the carpentry services?

    The coverage of the carpentry services is pretty broad due to the variety of choices in terms of service providers. This broad coverage helps you find specific furniture works as well as the complex projects. Hence, you pay for the needed services only.

    Here are all the services that the professional carpenters can conduct for you:
    · Assembling furniture pieces in the desired locations.
    · Bringing the original shine back with re-laminating work.
    · Handle, bolt and latch installation
    · Furniture repair
    · Home furniture and woodwork evaluation.
    And other services too!

    Why you should come to Housejoy seeking carpentry service professionals?

    There are unimaginable numbers of carpenters available in Bangalore. But not all of them can serve your needs. Some lack the experience, while others have very high prices that exceed your budget. Which is why you need a systematic method of finding and employing carpenters. Here comes Housejoy with a list of verified and experienced carpenters in the city. As an outcome, you never feel the pressure of limited options or exceeding budgets.

    · You can come to our platform anytime and find the required information.
    · Complete transparency is ensured between the carpenters and the customers.
    · Scheduling the service is smooth and efficient.
    · The safety and the quality of the services become a sure thing at Housejoy.
    · You get to save without neglecting the quality of the furniture work.

    All these traits allow our users to get guaranteed carpentry service from the professionals. The satisfaction of having a qualified carpenter is achievable with us only. The number of options makes it easier to hand over the job to an expert that suits your budget and service needs.
    This approach on our platform diminishes all chances of errors and mistakes in hiring these services.

    Simple steps to get carpentry services through Housejoy

    We are also popular for the ease and the simplicity of our platform usage. The process has been designed to offer the convenience to the users.

    A list of carpentry service providers awaits here with all the needed information. You are required to choose the option that aligns with all your requirements. And then, the final booking leads to obtaining the services.

    That’s how easy it is to pick, schedule and enjoy the carpentry services here.

    How about you check out the carpentry services to reach the most suitable choice of the service provider. You can give us a call for help as well. We have a team to assist you at the time of making bookings for the services.