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Want to Get Your Home or Office Checked for Problems? Book Inspection Services at Housejoy For a Detailed Analysis

Are you planning to buy, rent or sell a residential or commercial property in Bangalore? Whether you’re dealing with a studio apartment near MG Road or a bungalow in the suburbs, get a house inspection in Bangalore done before you finalise the big deal. Properties involve huge investments and commitments. And deals like this don’t have exchange of refund options. Inspection services will save you from future regrets, unforeseen expenses and big losses. You can easily make a booking online for residential or commercial inspection services at Housejoy. And if you’re on the go, download the mobile app so you can make bookings easily.

Does your house have problems but are you unable to figure out what exactly is wrong? Home inspection services provide a clearer picture of the actual state of a property. It’s easy to make a home or office in Bangalore look good on the outside but it is important they stand strong from the inside. It’s not possible to identify deeper problems related to plumbing, electrical wiring and structure if you don’t have the expertise and experience in doing so. Some properties are even infested with pests and rodents. Such problems can only be determined with the help of special tools and equipment. The professionals at Housejoy conduct a comprehensive examination of the property and provide a detailed report on various aspects of it. Let the experts at Housejoy do all the hard work for you so you can find out how to solve it.

Are you afraid of investing a huge amount on a house that’s too good to be true? Reduce the worrying and get the information you need by making a booking for inspection services in Bangalore at Housejoy. The service provider does inspections for both commercial and residential properties across the big city of Bangalore. The team of experts at Housejoy come equipped with the best tools, equipment and technology needed for a thorough and accurate evaluation of the property. All you need to do is provide a permit slip to Housejoy allowing them to conduct the procedure. Providing layout plans makes the job of new home inspection easier and quicker. The professionals from Housejoy will visit the site and conduct the necessary examination. Housejoy will upload a detailed report to your account that you can refer to within 24 hours of the inspection. Problems such as plumbing, woodwork and electrical wiring can be fixed. You can book services to solve these issues at Housejoy. The technicians and experts cater to a variety of home care and home repair services. Don’t waste time trying to find random plumbers, carpenters or electricians on Google. Just login to and book any of these services with just a few clicks. You can also opt for deep home cleaning services, appliance repair services and house painting services. The experts at Housejoy provide doorstep services across the city to help your home look and feel new. When you make multiple bookings, Housejoy Assist will assign a dedicated relationship manager to your portfolio. This individual will micromanage your portfolio of tasks to ensure they are completed in a timely and orderly fashion. And if you want to conduct a grah pravesh puja, you can make a booking for puja/pandit services at Housejoy. The package has options that provide flowers, fruit and other puja samagrih. Housejoy is India’s first personalised service provider and a one-stop solution for all your home and personal needs. So get going and make a booking for whatever you need help with.

Are you planning to rent a home for you and your loved ones? Before you enter a rental agreement, you might want to conduct a home inspection service. There are many cases where homes look good on the outside but suffer from deeper rooted problems such as faulty wiring, leaky pipes, structural nuances, pests, bad woodwork, infestations and more. A home inspection helps you learn more about the property so you can make a well-informed decision. You can weigh out the pros and cons before you take a final call. Usually, a new home inspection takes a few hours but some properties that aren’t easily accessible, older or more complicated in design may need some more time. The experts from Housejoy can even do a comprehensive examination of the parking area, a common area, or other facilities on the property for you. Sometimes homes or offices have minor problems that can be fixed and you can negotiate the price based on the information you receive. Or you can ask the owner to have them fixed before transferring it to you. So login to and make an online booking for a pre-purchase inspection before you close the big deal on your dream home or office. If you’re worried about moving into your new home and the struggle of packing, turn to Housejoy for help. The service provider offers moving and packing services for homes of all kinds across Bangalore. Whether you need to get your stuff from Kammanahalli to Koramangala or from MG Road to Whitefield, Housejoy can help you get the job done. The moving and packing experts at Housejoy know how to carefully wrap, package and transport everything from delicate crockery to bulky furniture. You can sit back and relax on your favorite couch while the experts take care of everything

Are you having a tough time selling your villa or apartment? Residential home inspection services don’t just help buyers but sellers as well. A home inspection in Bangalore will help you get a clearer picture of your property. If there are any problems, you can have them fixed up to help improve your property. Sometimes enven small leaks or structural flaws can deflect prospective buyers. Such problems can also reduce your negotiating power and unnecessarily lower the face value of your beloved home. Spending a small amount on home care and home repair in Bangalore can make a big difference. You don’t have to worry about finding technicians and repairmen to get the job done. You can make bookings for the same at Housejoy. They will fix your house up and have it looking and feeling new. Sometimes older homes are stronger but buyers and agents aren’t willing to believe it. If you book home inspection services at Housejoy, you will get a report that can prove this. You can use the details provided by the inspection crew to verify any details or information that prospective buyers or real estate agents are interested in.

Are you looking for reliable building inspection service in Bangalore? Don’t waste your time on the internet. Just login to and make a booking within a few minutes. The trained and certified professionals at Housejoy come fully equipped with the tools and equipment needed to provide inspection services in Bangalore. They efficiently and accurately check various aspects of a commercial or residential property. Whether you need an office in Benson Town checked out or a large villa in JP Nagar examined, the experts at Housejoy will get the job done in a timely and orderly fashion. The home inspection checklist includes over 100 points. The inspection covers various aspects of a property that include civil, exterior, architectural, electrical, plumbing, structural (surface level), safety check. The team even conducts a check on the woodwork and the environment for properties where it is applicable.

Are you planning to buy or rent an office or commercial property in Bangalore? Making a business move is a challenge and should be done with caution. Create a safety net for yourself when it comes to buying or renting property by opting for commercial building inspection services in Bangalore. You can make a booking online at Housejoy within just a few minutes. Get all the details in a report before you take a leap forward in your work life. Faulty electrical wiring or structural damage is not only a nuisance but a hazard for you and your employees. Inspection services is a measure that can save you and your business from losses. Problems with plumbing, woodwork and pests can be unhygienic or become a liability that could cost you more than you imagine. Make an online booking for office or building inspection services at Housejoy and save yourself from future disasters and unforeseen expenses.

Have you ever experienced a rental disaster where you’ve regretted your decision after moving in? The problem with renting a place is the agreement that doesn’t allow tenants to leave without bearing a large penalty. Avoid bad decisions and blunders by getting all the information you need beforehand. Make a booking with just a few clicks for rental home inspections services in Bangalore at If you download the app to your smartphone, you can easily make bookings on the go. The professionals will analyse various aspects of the property and provide a detailed report. The inside information from the pre-purchase inspection in Bangalore will help you make a calculated decision. Not all homes and spaces are perfect but some are actually worth renting. You can weigh out the pros and cons after you get the complete report from Housejoy. The property might require a little extra love and care to look and feel new. If the report detects any problems that you don’t mind having fixed, you can get help from Housejoy. Just make an online booking for the services you need at Housejoy. You can get all the home improvement work done with just a few clicks. Save yourself from the stress of fixing things yourself and let the experts from Housejoy take care of it. Another advantage of making multiple bookings is that Housejoy Assist will assign a dedicated relationship manager to coordinate various tasks. The Assistance Manager will make sure various technicians and experts from Housejoy get the work done for you in a timely and orderly fashion. So make a booking for a home or building inspection service today and let the experts take care of it for you.

Are you wondering how much inspection services would cost? The home inspection cost for properties with up to 3 bedrooms is fixed and mentioned when you make the booking. In the case of a larger property, the cost is determined after considering the size, structure, accessibility etc. Whether you’re considering a residential home or commercial space, professional property inspections are a smart move for both and definitely worth it. You may feel it is an added expense but for such important and pricey decisions it is a safety measure that will prevent unpleasant surprises in the future. The crew is trained and certified to conduct over 100 checks to get you the valuable information you need. The building inspector carries out a thorough check of the property and provides a detailed report within 24 hours so you can weigh out the pros and cons before you finalise the deal. If there are any problems in the property related to pests, plumbing, wiring or woodwork, you can quickly book services to solve them at Housejoy. Save your time and money for better things like taking a trip with your loved ones and book the experts at Housejoy for property inspection services in Bangalore today.

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  • What is Home inspection?

    Home Inspection is a comprehensive examination of the condition of a property using tools, technology & well laid out process, often in connection with the buying/selling/renting of that property.
  • How much time does it takes to inspect a house?

    Inspection of a typical residential apartment/villa takes between 2 to 3 hours. However, this is dependent on other factors too like access, furnished vis-a-vis bare shell & so on. Older and/or large dimension houses can take longer.
  • When is the best time to avail inspection services ?

    In case of a new property, you can avail inspection services before the possession of the property i.e. when the owner/builder/developer communicates that your property is ready for hand over and you can inspect your property for any defects/issues. In case of an old property, you can avail inspection services before buying or selling so that you can evaluate the actual condition of the property & the report may help you in your negotiation process. Having said, you can avail the inspection service at any stage of the construction process but we believe it may not make an economic sense!
  • What are the documents I need to share with you before the inspection process?

    There is no pre-requisite as such before the inspection process but we would prefer the agreement copy including layout plan with dimensions, agreed specification of the material used in the property. Wherever access is an issue, we would require an authorization letter from the owner/builder/developer of the property as permission for inspection.
  • Would you also inspect common area, parking, or any other common facility in the property?

    We inspect the common area within the floor, designated parking area and other facilities provided we are allowed to do so by the owner/builder/developer.
  • When will the inspection report be available?

    Soft copy of the report will be uploaded into your account and available for reading within 24 hours of completion of the inspection. In certain cases, if there is a delay in uploading the report within this stipulated time, it will be communicated along with the reason for such delay.
  • Would you come along to meet the owner/builder/developer to discuss the report?

    Our vision is to be the trusted advisor for home buyers & sellers and we intend to be the neutral party, capturing all the specifics of the property during the inspection process & document it in the report. However, in case our client requires further support, we can accompany the client to meet the owner/builder/developer but this will have additional commercial implications to the client.
  • Will you provide paper copy of the report?

    Once the inspection is completed, the report will be uploaded to user account & it can be downloaded & printed at individual convenience. However, if users want us to send paper copy of the report, we can do the needful but would involve an additional cost.
  • Do i need to be present at the time of inspection?

    It is not mandatory to be present but we highly recommend you to be present to get a feel of the process being followed, tools being used for the inspection. It is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions about the condition of the home, defects being reported/seen. However, i am sure you understand that inspector may not be in a position to answers all your queries/concerns since inspection requires concentration & careful observation by the inspector and he/she also needs to adhere to the specific timelines set for the inspection. Else, we may miss our next client deadline!
  • Do i need to pay before inspection service? what are the modes of payment?

    Yes, once the home inspector accepts your order, you need to pay on the platform post which the inspector would start the inspection process. We do have pay by cash mode too but we highly recommend online payment before start of inspection. For cash payment mode, fees have to be paid to the inspector before the commencement of inspection process else inspector has the right to cancel such inspection service & charge a minimal administrative charges.