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Housejoy presents their best in class Puja/Pandit services in Bangalore, with an overall 20 service providers in and around the vicinity. We, at Housejoy, excel in taking away the pain of finding the right Puja/Pandit expert to cater to your needs, right at the comfort of your home. With reasonable pricing, you can avail our Puja/Pandit services anywhere in Bangalore with just a few clicks of a button. We, at Housejoy, provide expert and trustworthy professionals at your doorstep. We connect you with experts in your locality who present Puja/Pandit services at your convenience. With the right tools, best-fit products and a courteous professional, you can see that the quality of Puja/Pandit services offered by our experts surpasses the standard offered elsewhere. All you need to do is let us know your requirement in Puja/Pandit services and schedule a convenient time for a Puja/Pandit at home. On confirming the booking, we will assign the best professional for the job and send him/ her to your place at the designated date and time to carry out the Puja/Pandit service(s). To safeguard and ensure your safety, all in-house professionals have their backgrounds checked and verified. Furthermore, Housejoy aims to simplify your everyday life with a range of top-notch home services that not only lower your expense (through affordable and transparent rates) but also save you on time and energy. Our certified experts are on time, every time, as per your convenience and promise you 100% satisfaction on all home services.


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Looking for Online Puja Services for a Wedding or any puja in Bangalore? HouseJoy Can Help You

Looking for the perfect pandit in Bangalore? You won’t have to run from one temple to the next to find the perfect pandit for the puja or havan that you’re conducting at home. Just log into HouseJoy.in from your Personal Computer or Smartphone and book home puja/pandit services. With just a few clicks a spiritual expert in Bangalore will get in touch to discuss the details of the puja service. But how will you be able to find a pandit or purohit who will understand your preferences? HouseJoy has a team of expert spiritual professionals who can cater to over 360 different types of prayer services including pujas (both festival pujas and non-festival pujas), jaap & paaths, havans and more. Finding the best pandit ji in Bangalore is as easy as shopping online. The team of in-house pandits at HouseJoy are highly professional and experts in various mantras, shlokas, aartis, chalisas, bhajans, and chants. You can find a pandit for every occasion. Whether you need a Bengali pujari for Durga Puja or a Bihari pandit for a Grah Pravesh, HouseJoy can help you hold a puja that even your grandmother and mother would be proud of.

When there’s a wedding in the house, there are a hundred things to take care of from managing the guest list and menu for five different events to finding the perfect jewellery and getting pandit ji on call. Wouldn’t it be easier if you let the experts take care of some of those tasks. You can book a variety of premium home care services, beauty services and home cleaning services in Bangalore at HouseJoy. Choose from carpentry services, plumbing services, deep home cleaning services, electrical repair services, house painting services and more at HouseJoy. What else? You can even book a purohit or wedding pandit in Bangalore who caters to your spiritual preferences and family traditions. Whether you’re looking for a north Indian pandit in Bangalore or Maithili pandit in Bangalore - HouseJoy can fulfill your puja wedding wishes. You can even customise your package for puja/pandit services to include puja samagrih, flowers and fruits. This will save you the trouble of having to find a reliable flower vendor and fruit merchant who will deliver good quality flowers and fruits on time.

The biggest advantage of making multiple bookings with HouseJoy is that you will get an extra helping hand. HouseJoy Assist is a special feature that caters to customers who have too much to do and too little time, which is exactly what happens at big fat Indian weddings. Whenever a customer books various services in one shot, HouseJoy assigns a dedicated relationship manager to coordinate the portfolio of tasks selected. The personal assistance manager will ensure all the tasks you have requested for are micromanaged and taken care of in a timely and orderly fashion. Whether it’s home cleaning services and appliance repair or finding a North Indian pandit in Bangalore for a marriage service and fixing a leaky pipe, HouseJoy can get all the jobs done. HouseJoy Assist will help you save time and energy to do more important things like finding a good photographer, taking awesome selfies and enjoying a big brunch with family. The personal manager can also visit your home to assess your home’s needs and diagnose what should be taken care of. So visit HouseJoy to select services for your to-do list and let the experts take care of it for you.

Moving into a beautiful new home in Bangalore or having your own house constructed is a very auspicious occasion, and everyone wants to make sure they start things off on the right foot. Arranging for a special housewarming ceremony or vastu puja isn’t always easy especially if you have recently moved to the Silicon Valley of India. Thanks to work or marriage, many of us move far away from our families. Are you looking for a purohit in Bangalore to help you with a prayer service. Being young and used to having daadima or mom take care of puja arrangements, leaves one clueless when having to plan a puja or havan themselves. Finding the perfect pandit in Bangalore or perfect purohit who can help you conduct a puja for vastu Shanti is a challenge. But with HouseJoy, it’s a cakewalk. While you book puja/pandit services to conduct a grah pravesh you can also make a booking for other home cleaning services and appliance maintenance services at HouseJoy to help your home look and feel new. You can avail carpentry services to put up a new shelf, home automation services to install Google Home, or security services to set up a CCTV to make your abode a safer place for you and your loved ones.. HouseJoy Assist assigns a dedicated personal manager for customers in Bangalore who book multiple home services to ensure their to-do list is completed smoothly and successfully. With HouseJoy, even availing puja/pandit services is as simple as counting to three. So make a booking and let your mind relax and pray for positive vibes without any hassle or stress.

Pujas are held for various reasons from the birth of a child and inauguration to housewarming ceremonies and marriages. Ganapathi puja, Navarathri Puja, Durga Puja are just a few of the pujas that revered worshippers participate in and conduct. Find the best purohit and pandit in the city to help you with every kind of worship and prayer service you wish to offer. Whether you need an expert Hindi pandit in Bangalore or Telugu purohit in Bangalore, you can find one at HouseJoy. The spiritual team at HouseJoy caters to pujas of all kinds. You won’t have to call a dozen aunties to ask about a good pandit, just make a booking at HouseJoy for premium puja services and the pandit will call you.

Durga Puja is one of the most festive pujas of the year. Patrons wish to offer grand and meaningful pujas on this occasion, no matter where they are in the world. Visit HouseJoy.in or download the app from the App Store, if you wish to have a Durga Puja in Bangalore and want a pandit who is well-versed. If you’re specifically looking for a Bengali purohit in Bangalore who can help you with all your pujas, you can find one at HouseJoy. And you can easily make a booking online for a number of puja/pandit services. The team of expert pandits at HouseJoy are not only knowledgeable but also courteous and professional. They are all well-versed in various mantras, shlokas, aartis, chalisas, bhajans, and chants. It doesn’t matter if you have a dozen questions about spiritual aspects or don’t know how to go about planning a puja in your home. The pandit or purohit in Bangalore will guide you throughout the process and make sure the puja is a success.

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  • Can I pay the partial amount in advance to confirm the pooja And pay the balance as cash or pay online after the pooja?

    Yes, you can pay the partial amount as token advance to confirm your booking. You can pay the balance amount after the pooja with cash directly to our Priests or through Online transfer.
  • How Long Does The Homam/Havan/Pooja Take To Complete?

    It depends upon the type of pooja and package you have selected. The time may vary from few hours to few days for Havans.
  • What All Items I Need To Keep Ready For The Pooja, How Will I Know?

    As soon as you book the pooja by paying an advance or full amount you will be receiving a To-do List in your email in few hours, which will clearly mention all the required items like deepam, matchbox, pooja bell, Mat, bowls, trays etc you need to keep ready.
  • What All Materials Will The Priest Bring Along With Him?

    Our Priests will bring all the samagris like samith sticks, ghee, darba, Camphor etc which is used in pooja/homam.