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Electrical Services

Switches, Meters And Fuses

Switches, Meters And Fuses

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages upto Rs. 10,000

Are the Switches in Your Home Old and Defunct? Book Electrical Maintenance Services in Baroda on Housejoy

Are you looking to get the creaking fan in your room repaired or replaced with a stylish new one? Or are you looking to get an exhaust fan installed in your kitchen? Or do you have wiring repairs pending at home? Instead of looking up ‘electrical technician near me.’, just register on Housejoy.in and book professional electrical wiring services in Baroda. The experts at Housejoy are extremely hardworking, diligent and punctual. Once your booking is confirmed, their experts come home and after careful inspection, proceed to work on the repairs. Or if you need fans replaced, the qualified expert can install new ones and also tests for regulator speeds. Just a few taps on Housejoy website or their app is all it takes to get quality electrical services in Baroda city.

Frequent power cuts disrupting your sleep at night? Also, power cuts in the morning can be as daunting as in the night as they are the main reason you are late to work. Bid goodbye to this nagging problem by installing a top-class inverter at home. Wherever your home might be situated in Baroda, you can book a professional electrical service on Housejoy.in and be assured of the high quality. Not just that, all the professionals at Housejoy are background-verified and duly trained in their field. You can easily check out the rate card for inverter installation on the website and book an electrical service immediately. Or if you need help checking whether the switches, fuses and meter are working fine, then you can opt for electrical maintenance services in Baroda.

Are you having shock attacks as you receive an exorbitant electric bill every month? Even though you have been consciously switching off fans and lights when not required and carefully been ensuring judicious use of electricity at home. Are you wondering why and don’t know what to do? Faulty wiring or meter can be a reason for this. Finding someone efficient and readily available to fix this for you is going to be quite the task. With Housejoy you need not manually hunt for an electrician to fix this problem. You can just simply be in the comfort of your home to book electrical wiring services in Baroda on Housejoy.in. Get the help you need within a few clicks and let the experienced professionals fix the electrical wiring and any other electrical issues of your home.

Do you need a qualified electrician to install fancy lights in your living room? When it comes to electrical repairs or modern fittings, do not attempt to do it on your own. It can prove to be quite dangerous and even if you do, you can end up giving electric shocks to yourself. No need to stress yourself by searching for ‘electrical technician near me’ on the internet or asking anybody to get you quality electrical help soon. Just head to Housejoy.in, look under electrical services, get to the page of your required electrical service and add that service to your cart. A fun part of owning a smart home device - Alexa, you can even ask her to make a booking for electrical services on Housejoy for you! After confirmation, a certified and proficient electrician is assigned to the job. He will be extremely professional with the fitting and installation of fancy lights to a power source in your home.

Do you need a new tube light installed in your study room or child’s study room? A qualified electrical expert on Housejoy can help you with this simple issue. Download the Housejoy app, book a tube light fitting electrical service in Baroda and hit confirm. Housejoy experts take up every job with sheer professionalism. They are highly skilled and come with a high level of experience. In this case, everything from fixing the tube light to the panel and connecting the tube light panel to the power source is done by the qualified electrical professional from Housejoy. So, get clicking and book electrical maintenance services in Baroda.

Are you looking to convert your old garage into a small workstation for your private business? You will likely be needing everything from new electrical wiring, lights and fan installation, and new switchboards. For this, get hold of a qualified electrician by booking electrical wiring services in Baroda on Housejoy.in. The electrical technician experts at Housejoy can take care of everything from making new electrical plug points, fitting of light sockets or holders, fixing of tube lights and fans to other electrical services. Their experts are all background verified, highly trained and ensure that the job is completed on time.

Each and every item in your home is new-age, be it the designer cookware, glossy paint and decor or latest gadgets. Do you also want to update your modern home further with state-of-the-art smart home solution services? Do not call local electricians to get this job done. They might not even know about it or may not do it efficiently. Book a qualified smart home solution service on Housejoy. The electrical experts come to your home or apartment to install Picostone or Picstone (small version) home automation systems. There’s absolutely no reason to tear up your home for this installation. The device is a small black-shaped box that is fitted inside your existing switchboard itself. Once the installation is complete, you have to download the Picostone app to control some of the switches of your home. Rid yourself of all the worries of having the lights and fans switched off before you leave home. Go ahead and book a smart home solution service and watch your friends get impressed after the installation of this nifty home automation device.