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Plumbing Services

Tap, Wash Basin And Sink

Tap, Wash Basin And Sink

Blocks & Leakages

Blocks & Leakages

Toilet And Sanitary Work

Toilet And Sanitary Work

Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom Fittings

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  • keyboard_arrow_right100% satisfaction guaranteed or free re-work
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTrained and Certified Plumbers
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBackground verified staff
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuaranteed quality of service
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages

Has your Wash Basin Broken Down? Visit Housejoy for Expert Plumbing for Home Services

Are the taps in your kitchen and bathroom always leaking? To counter this problem, are you looking to get new taps installed or would you like to opt for simple tap repairs? Do not ignore the plumbing problems at home thinking they are negligible. Get help soon before it shows up on your water bill! And instead of searching for ‘plumbers near me’ online, register on and book a qualified plumbing for home service with a click of a button. Housejoy believes in delivering home plumbing services as per your convenience. If you have decided to go for new taps installation, then their plumbing expert will come home as per the date and time of your scheduled booking and replace the old tap with a brand new one. Or if you think just repairing the taps will solve the leakage problem, then the plumbing expert will do a thorough check and repair all the faulty faucets. Make use of Housejoy professional plumbing services right away.

Is the flush tank of the western commode in your bathroom failing to flush? As problems concerning commodes and toilets are extremely unsanitary, you will need professional plumbing services to fix it soon before it takes a whole new turn and gets worse. Finding an experienced and readily available plumber in an urban city like Baroda is tough. Visit and book a doorstep plumbing service in Baroda at the earliest. They will send an expert plumber to your home who will ascertain as to where the problem lies. And after a careful examination, the Housejoy professional will either repair or replace and install the old flush tank with a new one, as per your requirement. What’s more is that while he’s doing the job, you can relax and not worry as all experts on Housejoy are background-verified and highly trained.

Are the kitchen sink and pipes at home been completely clogged? And no matter what you do, your kitchen always smells terrible due to this problem? Stop using room fresheners in your kitchen to rid the malodour and tackle the problem by getting hold of good-quality residential plumbing services. For this you need not to go on to the internet and spend hours looking up ‘plumbers near me’. Instead, you can just log on to and book a professional kitchen plumbing service in Baroda. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, the Housejoy professional will inspect and go ahead with either kitchen sink replacement or repair. Housejoy also offers kitchen sink installation services in the case of newly constructed homes. If you need anything else, you can also check out the rate cards for the different plumbing services offered at Housejoy.

Has the western commode in your bathroom broken down? Do you need to replace it with a new one or do you want only to get the commode repaired? Have you been wondering where you can find trusted and reliable residential plumbing services? Stop going through the search result list of ‘plumbing for home’ on the internet and head straight to India’s leading home services provider -Housejoy. Within a few clicks on their website, you can easily book expert home plumbing services in the city of Baroda. The service providers deliver exceptional quality of plumbing services by using only the best tools and equipment. They are always on time and efficiently do the job. They have undergone careful background verification and training processes. So you can trust them to do their job while you sip coffee and hum a tune. If you need any other help around the house, you can go through their other professional plumbing services.

Are you looking to get a new and elegant shower head fitted in your bathroom to enjoy hot morning showers? Quit searching for ‘plumbers near me’ on the internet and get expert help for the installation of shower heads with Housejoy. Just register and book a plumbing service in Baroda. Their verified and certified experts are well trained and experienced in all kinds of plumbing services. Or if you have decided to go for a hand shower for more convenience, they can help you with the installation of telephonic showers/hand showers as well. Pertaining to any other repairs, installation and uninstallation of any other fixtures in the bathroom, Housejoy can help you with that as well. The best part about booking with Housejoy is that you can easily book a doorstep plumbing service in Baroda, within the comfort of your home. And they also guarantee a completely hassle-free experience and ensures all expert professionals are on time, every time.

Are you looking for residential plumbing services to get your old overhead water tank uninstalled and replaced? If the water in the tank keeps getting contaminated due to this, then you need to act fast. Book home plumbing services on Housejoy app and let their professional experts take care of the mess and solve it right away. They ensure high quality of service and make use of only top quality tools and materials to mend your wares. While you are checking out the website and booking a plumbing service, you can also look at electrical, painting and carpentry services available in the city of Baroda.


  • Are the rates higher than local technicians ?

    All our Service Providers are among the best in market, each having an experience of around 5 - 15 years in the domain and hence their quality is miles ahead of the local technicians. We don't send random unverified service providers; all of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. We ensure a guaranteed satisfaction on your job. We also offer 7 days warranty on the work done in case you are not satisfied. We would do the rework free of cost should a problem arise within 7 days of the work done by us.
  • Does the rates include material/spare part charges?

    All our rates for Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry are only for the Labour Charges. They do not include the cost of materials. Our Service Providers will tell you what all materials (spare parts) are needed. You can buy the materials by yourself, or our Service Provider will buy the same for you.
  • What is the warranty on service ?

    We offer a 7 day warranty from the date of invoice on all repairs. You need not pay Labour charges in case of a rework within that 7 day period. However, if any spare part/material is needed for rework, the cost would have to be borne by you.
  • What is the warranty on products ?

    The product warranty differs from product to product and depends on the warranty given by the Original Product Manufacturer.
  • Is it safe for me to allow your Plumber, Electrician or Carpenter in my home?

    It is absolutely safe for you to trust our Service Providers. All of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. Our Operations team is always in constant touch with the SP when the work is being done.
  • Will I get invoice once the job is complete ?

    Yes, we will send you the invoice for the labour charges. Material invoice/bill will be shared by the Service Provider and you will have to settle the material bill with the service provider.
  • What is the mode of payment?

    You can pay using online banking or through cash once the service in complete. A payment link will be shared once the job is closed. The payment can be done using the payment link or you can open the app and pay against the closed job. Please note that we collect payment only for labour charges. All material bills have to be paid directly to the service provider.
  • What are the service hours?

    Our services are available between 9AM to 7PM.
  • Why do you have inspection charges?

    Inspection charges are applicable only if you decide to not take a service after the technician has visited and inspected your issue.