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  • How does Shower Filter work?

    With its unique 4 layer filtering system, the CLEO shower filter fights chlorine and hard water salts to give a clean and healthy shower. CLEO uses patented KDF technology from KDF Fluid Treatment Inc. USA, to eliminate up to 95% chlorine in your water. Effects of hard water salts are reduced by a proprietary combination of Zeolites and hardness dispersal media.
  • Is Shower Filter compatible with my Shower?

    The CLEO SFU-717 can be installed to your standard wall shower, hand-held shower or even bath taps with 24mm aerator.

Housejoy’s Shower Filters to the Rescue

Do you often find yourself constantly itching or having skin dryness after stepping out of the shower? To a large extend, the water that comes from your home probably has an effect on your skin. While you’re aware of the different types of water, hard water has twice the number of cons if you utilize it on a daily basis.

As hard water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it makes soap lather hard to form, thus leaving soap scum on your skin and hence blocking your pores. These clogged pores in turn lead to breakouts like acne or eczema. Hard water also damages hair in the long run.

To prevent such drastic measures, we suggest you get a shower filter installation. Shower water filter helps boost your health benefits more than your kitchen tap filter does. Furthermore, it is important to take a water filter service for all round home utilization. Some of the important water filter installation include under sink water filter installation, bathroom water filter and iris washing machine filter to prevent you and your appliances from suffering damaging effects caused by hard water.

Why do you need a shower filter?

Among the various water purifier installation, Cleo shower filter takes the top spot as it saves you on both money as well as health. Depending on the type of water your local water company provides, its best you opt for a safety measure and get a water purification service installed.

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