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Full Hands Bleach, Full Legs Bleach & More

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25 Min

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  • Are there any side effects of bleach?

    No side effects! It's a mild one which turns skin color into gold.

Book your profesional services near you in Housejoy

The rapid urbanisation has led to a fast-paced life, without substantial time for oneself. What do you do then, when you are extremely short of time and have to get waxing services done as soon as possible? Well, you contact us at Housejoy. Our sole aim is to provide the most essential and basic services directly to your doorstep without any hassle. Sheer convenience is what we target by arranging beauty service professionals for a home visit.

From amongst the multiple professional services that we offer at your doorstep, our beauty services steal the show. Noteworthy among them are our facial and clean up services, pedicure, manicure, hair spa, etc. We, at Housejoy, have specialist competency in making available access to great beauty salon experts. We understand how essential and indispensable waxing is and hence, we connect salon stylists with you to provide waxing at home.

How we make waxing a little less painful?

• The comfort of home
All of you will agree that getting yourself waxed requires you to twist and turn in a number of awkward ways. Add to it the excruciating pain that every session makes us wish we never had body hair. With our waxing at home services, you can at least save yourself the pain of driving through jam-packed roads and have something like a movie to distract you while the professionals do their job. The comfort of home means that you are saved from the inconvenience of travel or the waste of time commuting to the salon for waxing.

• No infections
For all the hygiene conscious women out there, nothing can be better than getting a waxing at home. You know your sheets are clean, you know there are zero chances of an infection, and hence, you can stop worrying about the sterility of the process. To add to that, we at Housejoy, provide you only with the most hygienic professionals so that cleanliness doesn’t become an issue ever.

• Wherever the hair is, the pros catch it
Our waxing packages are not limited to one but cover pretty much all of your body parts. Back, legs, arms, bikini- the trained and qualified experts cover all that you ever need to wax. Add to it the option of going for different kinds of wax, to give everything you need for a smooth look.

How to make an appointment?

Booking an appointment has never been easier. All you need to do is to provide your requirements - the body part that you want to be waxed, the kind of wax you want to be used, and any other special request that you have- along with a convenient time.
After this, we take over and arrange for a suitable beauty salon professional to your place at the designated time for waxing at home. They carry out a prompt waxing work using only superior quality products and materials.