The Role of an Architect in Home Construction

An architect’s work doesn’t end as soon as the design of the home or building is ready. They stay involved in the project until it’s complete and is also responsible for seeing that the construction adheres to safety regulations. But that’s not all. Here are just some of the roles and responsibilities of an architect in the construction ecosystem.


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All the paperwork to do with permits, insurance, encumbrance certificate, etc. are taken care of by the architect.


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The architect will be the best person to suggest other parties to be involved like contractors, carpenters, interior decorators, etc. Throughout the project, he/she also gives input regarding materials, sources and more.


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From start to finish, they monitor the progress to make sure it’s following the design. He/she is also responsible to see that no environmental regulations are violated. 


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The architect will be the one to provide advice regarding the rectification of any defects. 


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Architects are usually avoided when the owners want to cut costs or speeded things up. But in these cases, quality takes a big hit, leading to huge expenses down the line. A good professional will use innovative design solutions to bring your vision to life and will also assemble the perfect team for the project.


Basically, an architect will maximise your investment, give you peace of mind and bring added value to the home/building. So think twice before you skip on a professional architect

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