Mobile Testing Camps: A Step in the Right Direction in the Fight Against COVID19

A constant statement being herded around in news articles of late is the fact that the public at large will have to learn to live with the Coronavirus. This sounds like a resignation to the fact that Covid19 is just going to be a part of our lives until a vaccine is deployed. 

What then is our fate as a society? Are we simply supposed to venture out in the open in constant fear of our lives? Is there no possible way for us to get a leg up in this pandemic?

Fortunately, a way does exist and it’s been stated by almost every single medical professional. The answer is testing, testing, and we repeat TESTING. Rapid testing was always at the crux of managing a pandemic. Identifying the people who are carriers and isolating them accordingly is the most effective way to curb the spread of a contagion.

While governments around the world are focusing on ramping up their testing capabilities, they are faced with the harsh reality of testing an entire population. 

Let us take India as an example. There are 28 states and for the sake of expediency, let’s say that the population of 1.3 billion people is divided equally among these states. Let us count the 8 Union Territories as one state and give them an equal share of the population too. We now have 29 states with 1.3 billion people divided equally among them which means that each state has roughly 45 million people living within it. Even if the government were to test 1 lakh (one hundred thousand) people in each state every single day it would take us 450 days to test the entire population of the country. These numbers are overwhelming for any government.


Thankfully for us, there are few who come to the rescue.

Housejoy in association with the Government of Karnataka, and collaboration with Portea Medical, SRL Diagnostics, Apna Complex, Bangalore Apartment’s Federation (BAF), and Biognosys Technologies have launched Housejoycare, an initiative that enables Covid19 testing camps across Bangalore.

This initiative is backed by ACT (Action COVID Team) Grants, first of its kind Rs. 100 Crore grant set up by top fund managers from blue-chip venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, Accel and Lightspeed Venture Partners.  It aims to test over 18000 people in a span of just 15 days in multiple housing societies in Bengaluru. The mobile testing units will also have checks for blood pressure and blood sugar. 

Aggressive testing in major urban areas is our fastest way to identify and treat cases. It is inspiring that startups that have been the most affected financially by this pandemic are giving their all to help contain it. The sentiment is understandable as the only way to fight this pandemic is to be united in our cause.

Each one of us contributes hugely to the fight against Covid19 by staying at home, practicing social distancing, and taking all necessary precautions before we step out. These initiatives from startups can be a welcome aid for the government in combating this virus. 


Setting an example has never been more lifesaving. 


Find out more about Housejoycare



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