Precautionary Measures Make A Difference.

Conspiracies aside, the COVID-19 outbreak is real. It’s important to be aware and take precautionary measures to ensure you and the people around you are safe from its effects.

1. Wash your hands as frequently as you can.

2. Use a sanitizer post every handshake.

3. Avoid coughing and sneezing, openly.

4. Wear an air-filtering mask if needed.

5. Seek medical advice if necessary

6. Don’t write off fevers and cold as common.

7. Avoid close contact with people who might be affected.

8. Refrain from spitting in public places.

9. Keep your homes and office spaces clean.

10. Ensure you shower with effective cleansing products.

Cleanliness is the keyword. Adopting these habits and taking some initiatives can make a difference.

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