Steamy Shades of 2018: Colour Trend Forecast

Psst…if you feel like you’re always the last to know about anything then read on because the styles and colour trend will land you at the top of the list. In their ever changing pace,  we’re giving you a sneak peek into the makeup shades that we predict will be trending in 2018. This way you can stay ahead of the (colour) curve.


Glass Lips are going to be huge this year. In 2017, the obsession with dewy skin grew stronger. However this year, it’s going to move to lips. Heavily-glossed lips (especially over baby pink lipstick) go great with an overall dewy look.

Peach-toned lips have been sighted on models and celebrities around the world. It is becoming popular for a reason – there’s so much you can do with it. It can complement any eye makeup, be worn with a matching peach blush or have a glittery gloss applied over it.

90s Shades like burgundy, scarlet and brown are making a comeback on the colour trend list. The popularity started in the middle of 2017 but we see it sticking around for a while. Berry-toned lipsticks are also gaining popularity both in glossy form as well as with creamy and matte finishes. Shades like strawberry red, berry pink, deep plum and wines can suit almost any skin tone.


Gold and silver are classic shades that will always be in. Those with cool-toned skin can wear gold eye shadow and use it as a spot highlighter. Ultra-highlighted skin is yet another major makeup movement this year. Sparkly shadows can be added to any colour (or blend of colours) over the eyes. Look for fun colours that have golden and bronze undertones.


Metallic colours and chromes will continue to be popular for a while. Be it classic gold and silver or fun shades like baby pink,bottle green and metallic lacquers, its like wearing pretty jewelry all the time. Look for colour-changing chrome nail paints that can transform from gold to pink and purple shades in different angles and light.

Retro orange, coral, hot red, powder blue, ivory and peachy pink are other colours that you should collect.

Creative nail art with messages, logos, borders and shimmer details are on-trend and chic.

Remixed French manicures are starting to get popular. Whether it’s by changing the colour of the tip to something bold or having geometric shapes on them, there’s so much you can do with this timeless classic.


Colour Trends

With the roar of  Rihanna’s gold highlighter or yellow-golden metallic pigment spread all over the face, super-beaming cheeks are going equally strong with ultra-highlighted skin. So the next time you see a person with a radiating face and we mean literally radiating, with sparkly embellishment and golden dust, she’s probably a fashion mogul who mirrors the colour trend closely.

If you’ve been following the current styles in the world of shades, share your finds by leaving a comment below.

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