5 Must-Know Wedding Makeup Tips for Winter

There are so many dreams, wishes, hopes and fantasies behind your big day! And with all of that coming alive, it’s natural for things to sometimes mess up or take a bad turn, and for this very reason there are 25 letters after A. So always have a plan B, whether it’s for your hair, outfit or makeup. To save you and your big day from all the problems winter brings, here is a list of tips every winter bride-to-be must know.

Shimmery Eyes

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What comes along with winter? The dreary light that highlights your dark circles and puffy eyes! Cover it up with an under-eye highlighter and shimmer-y eye makeup to create that glow.

Glossy Lips

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Don’t let chapped lips attack your special day! Use moisturizing lipsticks that contain beeswax or moisturize your lips before applying your matte lipsticks. You can also join the theme of holidays by choosing a glossy finish.

Hit the Right Base

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As you already know winter makes your skin all dry and flaky. It is necessary to set your base right by using a hydrating primer and a silky smooth foundation.

Say No to Rosy Cheeks!

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Yes! It is your wedding but it’s best not to go overboard with the blush; choose natural shades of blush and keep it simple.To avoid dryness, ditch cream-based blush, and go for mousse-based blush instead.

Subtle Sparkle

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When you hear winter you think of snow, snowflakes and everything that sparkles! While this might be lovely to look at, your makeup shouldn’t have an overdose of it. Sparkle & shimmer, but subtly.

Pre-Wedding Tips:

  • Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize
  • Drink lots of water
  • Use alcohol-free products (alcohol products tend to take away moisture off your skin)

Are you a winter bride? Don’t forget to pick products that work best for your skin and not experiment with new ones just days before your wedding (might cause breakouts or skin irritation). Follow these tips and try multiple looks to find the right one and keep a backup option as well. If you have any other secret tips to help other brides-to-be look drop-dead gorgeous, let them know in the comments below.

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