5 Beauty Trends that Went Viral in 2018 for No Reason!

Thanks to social media, we all have access to amazing beauty tips and advice from all over the world. Instagram has taught us all a thing or two about makeup and style – from learning about the magic of contouring to experimenting with the latest hair trends. But along with the good, the internet opens the doors to the bad and the ugly. Here are some of the strange (and scary) beauty trends that went viral in 2018:

Halo Brow

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These brows look anything but angelic. Like a character straight out of a fantasy adventure film, this  trend does certainly raise brows – literally. Here you simply start of with fishtail brows, but then continue upwards till both brows meet at the centre of your forehead, forming a halo.

Hair Nails

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While most of us are trying to get rid of hair in unwanted places by waxing, threading or even shaving, there are some who are adding hair to places where it doesn’t belong. That’s right – people are sticking hair to their fingertips! Fur, long hair, hair around the corners and a face drawn in the centre – all kinds of weird hair-related nail art. Just makes you wonder what happens when they have an itch.

Corkscrew Nails

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Forget about scratching that itch if you have these nails. Putting the ‘ouch’ in touch, this process behind this trend is quite painstaking. The nails are painted with acrylic and shaped to a point, then a straw is placed under the tip, shaped into a spiral and then painted. After it dries, the straw is detached and the “corkscrew” shape is smoothened out with a file and then decorated with rhinestones.

Rainbow Teeth

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What happened to everyone wanting pearly whites? This new trend involves polishing your teeth like you would polish your nails. The tooth polish is supposedly safe and made from a base that’s similar to food colouring. Brushing with toothpaste will remove it. While this can be useful during Halloween or for pranks, would you be comfortable walking into office and flashing everyone with a bright green smile?

Nude Lashes

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Okay so here’s a viral beauty trend that’s weird but can also be pretty. The artist who created this trend wanted to create an extra nude look. Though this can’t be good for your lashes, it can be achieved by using a blend of blue, pink and white liquid lipstick instead of mascara. But at the rate at which this trend is growing, we won’t be surprised if there are nude mascaras in the market soon.

If you had to, which of these weird trends would you try? Let us know by leaving a comment below. If your response has a lot of typos, we’ll know you probably went with the corkscrew nails.

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Picture Credits: Instagram

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