Wow Brows: Eyebrow Trends that Went Viral in 2017

There seems to be an eyebrow obsession all over social media. Gone are the days when eyebrows just had to be threaded occasionally or filled in perfectly. Beauty bloggers, models, makeup artists and just about anyone has started, modified or followed a number of crazy eyebrow-raising trends in 2017.

From simple and easy to weird and whacky, let’s brow-se through some of the eyebrow fads that went viral this year.

Natural Brows

This is not really a trend but something that will probably always be in style – natural brows. Following passing brow trends is an investment in the hair takes time to grow back and will have some awkward phases along the way. Having full, natural brows is easy, painless and always looks good.

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Brow Braids

It all started with one picture on Instagram that was actually not even real. A teenage makeup artist used Photoshop to add a braid to his brow and posted the picture. It soon went viral and people all over the world tried to recreate it by using liners and concealer to make their eyebrows look like braids.

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Feathery Brows

A fairly simple look, the feathery brow just involves splitting the eye brow in the middle (like a parting) with the help of a glue stick or Vaseline. This will make the top half look like its pointing upwards and the bottom half droop towards the eyes. A messy version of full natural brows, this fad is not as crazy as some of the other ones on the list.

Bleached Brows

The trend of bleaching eyebrows started last year and was seen on all the catwalks and even on celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga. It is making a comeback now with models bleaching their brows to get a ‘barely there’ look. While some might bleach their brows to get them as close to their skin tone as possible others choose to go a few shades lighter or attempt to match them with their hair.

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Squiggle Brows

One of the most bizarre online beauty trends is the squiggle brows. While most people have expressed how much they hate this look, a lot of beauty addicts have tried it out and even gone a step further by accessorizing their wavy brows. While this look might be okay for a costume party or Halloween, can you imagine having a serious conversation with someone when they have a wiggly worm-like line above their eyes?

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Dragon Eyebrows

Another brow trend that went viral on Instagram is the dragon brows. Inspired by the feathered brows, this one has dramatic spikes like those along the back of a dragon. Artists who tried this look, use some sort of eyelash adhesive or hair gel to hold the hairs in place. The good thing about this is that it can be wiped or washed off and there’s no threading or shaping involved.

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Totally bizarre or worth a shot – what did you think of these eyebrow trends? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

eyebrow trends

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