Fake that Bridal Glow with these Simple Skin Care Tricks!

With all the stress surrounding a wedding, the only bridal ‘glow’ you can expect is the glow from the phone as the bride checks to see if everything is going on track. With these simple tricks, you can be guaranteed glowing skin even if the caterers are late or there’s a thunderstorm approaching or the pujari is MIA.

Before the Big Day

Head Start

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The best way to ensure you have a natural glow that stays irrespective of the makeup and mayhem is to start prepping your skin months in advance. Figure out which facial works for your skin and then get it regularly –  about every 30 days. Not only is a nice long facial healthy and conditioning for your skin, it is also a great treat to give yourself as the stress of the big day keeps building.

Home Care

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Even if you miss your professional facials every month, home care is essential. Make DIY face masks using tried-and-tested ingredients (common ones are besan, honey, olive oil, papaya, milk cream, lemon juice, multani mitti, etc.). Also remember to cleanse, steam (even if it’s only under the shower), exfoliate and moisturize.

Bedside Beauty Kit

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Having a beauty kit on your nightstand is a good idea. With all the shopping and planning, you might get too tired to head to the bathroom after a long day. Keep basic things like cleansing wipes, toning spray, under eye cream and a good serum or night cream.


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The night before the wedding, apply a mask that you know works well with your skin and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. This will help your makeup go on smooth the next day.

On the Big Day


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Starting with smooth skin is the best way to finish with glowing skin. Use a gentle exfoliator, massaging it into your face in small, circular motions. Rinse and use a towel to pat your face dry.


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Even up your skin tone by dabbing some concealer anywhere there’s a different colour like under your eyes and on acne scars. A pimple here or a blemish there can get in the way of glowing skin.

Face Oil

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Instead of using a lotion or a cream, switch to a face oil. Of course, you’ll want to try this out much before your wedding day to figure out which face oil works for you. You’ll only need a few drops. Face oil will help to make your skin just a bit more luminous.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to put your best (radiant) face forward on your big day. Leave a comment if you have more tips on how to fake that bridal glow.

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