Did You Hair the News? Hair Trends to Watch Out For in 2018!

Thinking of changing your hairdo this year? Before going ahead with that, take a look at what’s going to be trending in the world of tresses this year. It’ll make it easier to decide how to cut or colour your hair.

Back with a Bang


Based on what we’ve seen on the international runways lately, it’s safe to say that messy, choppy bangs are going to be quite popular in 2018. Those looking to make a bold change can even go for  a faux hawk which is short at the back and has a longer top with bangs.

The Scrunchie Comes Back

Over the years the size of hair clasps have gotten smaller but it looks like the good ol’ scrunchie is making a comeback. If you want our advice – go for scrunchies in cute solid colours or with vintage prints and wear them low and loose.

Big on Barrettes

People with all kinds, colours and lengths of hair can try this one. Just use two barrettes (hair clips or pins) and push the hair back on either side of your head  – just above the temple. You can use fancy gold ones or even a normal bobby pin. These work best with a centre parting.

Retro Bob

History and hairstyles definitely repeat themselves. One retro look that’s going to get increasingly popular is the blunt cut with the ends rolled under or flipped out. Back in the 80s and early 90s, most girls had this haircut and wore it with a hair band or scarf. Because it’s always tucked in or out, this hairstyle is easy and looks quite neat and fun.

Braid for Each Other

Braids of all kinds have been storming the runways. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you if you want to experiment with braids. You can tie your hair in one long fishtail or create two thin messy braids beside each ear – in 2018, anything braided will be beautiful.

Think Big

We think the time of sleek, glossy hairdos is gone while making room for big to comeback. Big, bouncy and naturally healthy hair is in. Curls are going to be bigger and more pronounced, likewise waves are going to be thicker.

Colour Cues

Hair Trends

If you’re going to colour your hair this year – opt for soft contrasting roots or highlights that frame the face. Rich shades of brown and subtle ombré’s are looks you can consider. Another stunning must-try is the classic Shadow roots.

Which of these trends have you been waiting to try out? Leave a comment and let us know.


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