Lipstick Locked: Make Your Lip Stain Last Over 12 hrs!

Want killer Kardashian lips? Well who doesn’t envy their camera-ready pout flaunting those perfect lipstick shades, right?

Then again, we for one, are all about loving our bodies and do not endorse going under the knife! And so, we’re left with no other go but to burn out our oh-so-precious energy and find solace in an ingenious hack or two to help solve our problems – and keep those devious needles far, far away.

Lucky for you, we happen to feel especially generous today and have decided to let you in on our little hack to keep that stain 100% disaster-proof!


There you have it! A 5-minute bout of effort takes your pretty pout through long, long hours of fiery fabulousness!

And if you’ve got a tried-and-treasured tip of your own  that you’ve been waiting to share with the world, here’s your chance. Comment away!


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