How to Make Your Beauty Regime Travel-Friendly?

It’s fun and easy to do your makeup or take care of your skin when you’re at home but when you’re travelling, it’s quite a challenge. You have to play the ‘take or leave’ game with all your products because you can’t carry too many and you can’t carry their maxi size portions either! Here’s a list of tips on how to make your beauty regime travel-friendly.


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Pick up a few travel-size bottles for all your beauty care essentials to avoid bulking up your luggage with all the maxi sized bottles. The other alternative is buying free samples of all.

Divide and Conquer!

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Use this golden rule with your girlfriends/cousins! Plan together and decide who brings what so that you can carry light but together carry more.

Carry Multitaskers

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You have to pick up products that can multitask. For instance, instead of carrying a concealer and a foundation, you should carry a base that conceals, corrects and moisturizes.

Ditch Your Brushes

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Packing all your brushes, sponges and blenders will just be an unnecessary add-on, so ditch them and carry products that you can use with your fingers.

Seal, Seal & Seal

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Everyone hates the disaster of spilled products in their suitcases! Avoid this horrific situation by making sure you tape-seal each and every liquid product.

Hydrate & Moisturize

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Make sure you pack your hand & feet moisturizers and lip balms. Also don’t let dry and flaky skin ruin your trip; avoid this by drinking lots of water.


Booked your tickets? Packed your bags? Make sure you skim through these tips just before you leave to have the most gorgeous getaway ever!


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