The New Xmas Tree Hair Trend is SO Crazy yet Festive!

After the unicorn hair rage, now we have another trend that’s breaking the internet – the Xmas tree hair trend!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, the experimental world of instagrammers have given us yet another brilliant updo. This is basically an upside-down cone shaped hairstyle that uncannily defies gravity and stays in place, thanks to the strongest-hold hair sprays ever. Once the Xmas tree shape is formed, the magical mane is decorated with Christmas sparkles, strings, baubles and ornaments. Some people have even taken it a step further by dyeing their hair green to make it look more genuine.

xmas tree hair 1

Now, if you’re the curious kind, we’ll give you just what you’re hunting for – the tricks to achieve this vibrant look.

First, place an empty water bottle or an upturned cone on your head, covering it with your hair till the top and hold it in place with an elastic tie and, not to forget, loads of hairspray. Stick, pin & balance all the decor items you’ve decided upon, and if all goes well, aim for the star at the very top (and don’t forget to liven it up with some fairy lights). And, if you’ve actually managed to do THAT, we bow to you! – you’ve slayed our #ChristmasHairGoals.

xmas tree hair 2

Now that you’ve seen it all, would you call this hot new hair trend Snazzy or Crazy? Tell us in the comments.

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