Review: ‘A Heel of a Pedicure’ that Knocked My Socks Off!

Reviewed by: Anjali Sharma

The Service: Cheryl’s Heel Peel by Housejoy expert

Winter time usually means full pants and closed shoes but it also means that the skin underneath gets dehydrated and damaged. Now, while body lotions help keep the skin moisturised, we need a little extra to keep our feet from getting dry and cracked. That’s why I thought of giving my feet a treat and trying the Cheryl’s Heel Peel. This is my review of the experience:

Why I Needed It:

I’ll start by explaining why I decided to book this treatment. I don’t usually have cracked feet but with the summers being as hot as they were this year, I was only in open footwear. That did a number on my feet and I ended up with tanned, dry skin and cracks that didn’t seem to go away no matter what I tried. Since this service was at home and did not require any big effort on my part, I thought I’ll at least get some pampering done even if the cracks don’t disappear.

The Product:

The professional showed me the brand new kit before starting. It had the following products:

  •  HeelPeel Softener – A foot peel to soften the skin and help remove thick, dry skin
  • Cheryl’s Scraper – A unique scraper to rub off that dead skin
  • Cheryl’s Buffer – A specially-designed buffer for filing and eliminated deep-seated dead skin
  • Cheryl’s HeelPeel Cream – A moisturiser, deodoriser and rejuvenator.

The products were used in that order and at the end of the 20 minutes I was sure I’ll still see those pesky cracks I was used to looking at for months now.  But to my surprise, I saw that my heels were smooth and soft.

The Procedure:

The Housejoy expert (after wearing her gloves and explaining the process to me) started by using the soft wet tissue from the pack to soften my heels and get them prepped for the treatment. She then used the scraper and gently removed the surface dead skin. I’ve had pedicures before and I usually cringe when they use the metal scrapers but with this scraper – I felt no pain. With just medium pressure, she scraped off dead skin from my entire foot (starting from the heel). Since it felt so light and painless I didn’t believe that anything happened so asked her to show me the scraper after she was done.  I was surprised by the amount of dead skin that tiny tool could remove.

Next she used the buffer with single-time use buffer paper to polish the feet. If you do this over a dark towel, you can see the dead skin fall. Lastly, she wiped my feet clean before applying the HeelPeel Cream. The product was massaged into my skin, leaving it soft and supple.

The Result:

Just like that, my cracks were gone and I had my soft pretty feet back. I’m tempted to wear my open slippers even during the winter now because I know that if those cracks make a comeback, the fix is a phone call and a 20-minute procedure away.


  •  Immediate results
  • Gets rid of cracks
  • Painless
  • Leaves the skin soft and moisturised


  •  Cannot be done if there are cuts or bruises
  •  Not suitable for sensitive skin

My Verdict:

I’ll definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who’s suffering from cracked heels.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that no one notices those heels. Cracked heels stand out and can draw all the attention away from even the most perfectly-painted nails.  Moreover, cracked heels are painful and unhygienic.

Have questions about the treatment? Leave a comment below and ask away.


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