Tips to Pick the Right Bridal Makeup for Your Big Day

Being a blushing bride is not enough. You need actual blush…and lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer – the works. But if you don’t strike the perfect balance between your makeup and your wedding outfit, it can throw off your whole look. Here are tips on how to make sure your makeup perfectly complements your attire:

My Eyes! My Eyes!

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If your attire is very heavy or has enough sparkle to blind people – you might want to go a little lighter on the makeup. Keep the eye and lip makeup minimalistic. On the other hand, if your outfit is not so grand, you can go all out with your makeup, highlighting your eyes and choosing a bright, bold lipstick.

What a Contrast

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If you’re wearing a pastel-coloured or creamish outfit, you can go bold with the makeup. Also, if your outfit has a little bit of one colour, you can pick that colour as the theme for your makeup. For example, if your outfit is blue and pink, you can work pink into your makeup to accentuate your look.

Don’t Play Match the Following 

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If your attire has three colours, that doesn’t mean your makeup has to incorporate all three colours as well. Choose one or two colours that go well with your complexion and also complement your outfit. If your attire is of the conventional colours like red or gold, your makeup can match the outfit.

Save the Best for Last

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Did you know that makeup is the last thing that should be planned? That’s because it has to go with your attire and your jewellery. So when you’ve got the first two fixed, pick the right shade to complement and complete the look.

Plan and Practice

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Do your research (even if you have an excellent makeup artist). Look online for ideas but avoid sticking to current trends that you might regret years later when you look at the wedding album. Have trial sessions and wear your lehenga for a better idea.

So pastel green or bridal red, choose the attire that you love and suits your complexion. Then, use these tips to pick the perfect makeup colour palette to complete your look.

Have an idea about the colours you want to use with your wedding attire? Leave a comment and let us know.

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