These Celebrities Made a Drop-Dead Statement at the 2018 Oscars

He’s little, he’s gold and everybody wants him. The Oscars might be about the award and to celebrate the cinematic achievements of the year but it is also a platform for all attendees to be seen and heard. At the Oscars 2018, a lot of powerful issues were brought up, like gender equality and diversity. Even with their choice of outfits, the stars were not all safe and predictable. They came in bright, colourful outfits to support the ‘Time’s Up’ movement for women who have experienced some form of harassment at the workplace. Let’s look at some of the edgy and daring looks from the Oscar 2018 red carpet:



These stars have inspired us to stay true to our self and our style – even if the whole world is watching. Which was your favourite beauty look of the evening? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

IC: Vogue, vanity fair


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