This Is How I Tamed My Summer Tan

Product: Cheryl’s Glo Vite Facial

Service: Housejoy Beauty

Reviewed by: Sakshi Sharma

Here comes summer and there  – your skin goes a shade darker! Sounds familiar? Westerners may love the idea of getting tanned, but for us Indians, it’s nothing less than a nightmare. And so, we double our efforts and use every preventive measure possible to keep away from the sweltering sun. But not always life goes as per the plan 🙂

Yesterday after my swimming class, I noticed the effect of tanning on my face. Seeing me panicking about it, a friend recommended that I try out – Cheryl’s Glo Vite Facial by Housejoy. And to say the least, I was quite surprised by the result! 

This specialized facial works wonders on reducing tan and bringing back the radiance of your skin. Let me cast light on how the treatment went.

Step 1: Deep Cleaning

The beautician started off with a five-minute cleansing massage to free my face of any kind of dirt.

Step 2: Scrubbing And Steam

The scrub was very mild but exfoliated my skin effectively. It gently removed dead cells, followed by a steam that opened up the clogged pores.

summer tan

Step 3:  Black/White Heads Removal And Toner

Here comes the painful part – removal of nasty black/white heads. Later, a wipe with the toner cooled off my skin quickly.

Step 4: The Cream Massage

This one surely is my favourite part. A fifteen-minute deep massage, relaxing every nerve of my face.

Step 5: Finally The Mask

A good facial treatment is never complete without a magical mask.

How did my skin react to the facial?

Not only did this facial de-tan my face to quite an extent, it also left my skin feeling smoother, softer and definitely more radiant.

So, this was my experience with the revitalizing Cheryl’s Glo Vite Facial by Housejoy. If you are also scouring for a quick detan solution for your pretty face, look no further. Book yourself this Cheryl’s facial & see the difference for yourself!

summer tan

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