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2020 has no doubt been the year where you have spent the most amount of time at home. For those of us who have a balcony, we can safely say that that’s where they’ve spent most of their time.  For being such a trooper and doing your part, we’ve decided to help you improve your spot because everyone deserves a break worthy of the work they put in.


Furniture on Double Duty

While you may feel that small balconies have little more to offer than a view, you simply haven’t been thinking with multi-purpose furniture. Double-duty furniture like a storage box that converts into a seat or a foldable shelf. Better still is accordion furniture. As the name suggests, accordion furniture can be stretched like an accordion to accommodate seating for more people. This type of furniture is deceptively sturdy and can be molded to fit anywhere between 2-8 people. Pallet furniture is also a good idea for small balconies as they can be reshaped and modified to custom fit your balcony.


Lighten up with Light Scale barriers

There are times when you end up with a sizeable balcony to sit and relax in but you still avoid it! This is mostly because a large balcony means nothing if you can’t enjoy the view. Noisy streets and shopping complexes that are bang opposite your apartment make it difficult to enjoy your extended space. The solution for this is a light-scale barrier. It is not very difficult to cover up your balcony and make a whole new room out of it. Glass is generally not recommended as it tends to increase the heat within that space (yes even sun-ban reflective glass won’t help). The best options are light wooden grids or blinds/curtains. Grids made of light wood material are not very expensive and look classy but they are not a temporary fixture that can be removed and placed back easily. Chick blinds or zebra blinds not only isolate your home from the outside environment but they can also be raised and lowered like moving a curtain.


Light Done Right

Even if you are able to block the outside noise, there’s no pleasure to be had from a balcony covered in darkness. While most modern balconies come equipped with an overhead light, these are often utility-based. Standing lamps are impractical for both large and small balconies so hanging lamps are generally the way to go. Another option is string lights which can be manipulated and customized to your preferences. String lights also take up the least amount of space so they’re generally the go-to for small apartments. Chinese lanterns while looking beautiful are not the best idea if your balcony is open and without a screen. These types of lanterns get dirty very easily and not to mention a single thunderstorm could completely destroy them. When considering lighting be sure to observe the environment and space before installation.


Plant Ahead

Plants are seemingly one of the easiest ways to spruce up your balcony but they can also be one of the most high-maintenance additions as well. If you choose the wrong type of plant, you might end up killing it. Choose plants that thrive under a lot of sunlight as opposed to plants that might dry up. On the other hand, if your balcony tends to get only 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, it may be a good idea to place indoor plants instead of outdoor ones. More than the plants, it’s the confusion of placing them efficiently.  Hanging pots are generally the go-to for small balconies but in some structures, they might end up obstructing your view. A planter wall takes up no additional space and can accommodate a large number of hanging pots. Faux plants are another option for people who cannot find the time to maintain real plants. A sheet of faux grass can also make for a good floor seater.


Leave your Guests Floored

99% of all balcony floors are made up of concrete with zero pattern design or colour. These empty floors tend to give a drab effect to your balcony even if you have explored other décor options. Yes, painting the floor is an option but it is also expensive to implement, modify, or remove. As mentioned previously faux grass carpets work really well both for seating and décor purposes. Another option that has only recently come to India are deck tiles. Deck tiles are pieces of wooden furniture that can be easily placed on any hard surface and can completely change the look of any area. The tiles interlock similar to a jigsaw puzzle so they are quite easy to place but the best thing about these tiles is that they are just as easy to remove. 

Get the look you’ve wanted for your balcony with these simple hacks. Too relaxed to DIY? Then call in the experts and let them give your balcony an insta-worthy makeover.

WFH culture continues to thrive as certain companies have begun sending over the required furniture to set up a professional workspace at home. These plans were not considered in your initial residential home construction so here are a few things to keep in mind while setting up your very own #WFHSpace


The Right FurnITure

When setting up a home office, it is natural to want the best in terms of your furniture. The temptation to make a workspace that doesn’t remind you of your office will be strong.  Opt for office chairs with strong lumbar support and if you’re a tall individual go for high-rise chairs. The same goes for your table. It doesn’t need to be large but it should accommodate your required work items with space to spare. You define your comfort, so keep experimenting until you find that sweet spot.


Let there be Natural Light

A common mistake done by most people who are setting up a home office is to sit under sharp and bright bulbs to keep them alert and awake. This is mostly done out of habit as offices in business parks tend to have a lack of natural lighting. Those neon bulbs can increase eye strain and even cause dull headaches over prolonged exposure. The smartest way to combat this is to set up or move your workspace to a region that is washed with natural light for most of the day time.  Natural light is proven to improve overall productivity and alertness in workers. The lack of natural light further increases feelings of confinement and can be an unpleasant experience for claustrophobes in the long run.


Add Some Colour To Your WFH Life

Colour can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s so much more important than you think. Just think about how much the sounds in your surroundings affect you. If your setup overlooks an ongoing construction or a busy road, your workday is probably not going great. This is because your auditory receptors are irritated. Similarly, your visual receptors can be subconsciously affected without you even realizing it. Just like lighting, the colours that surround your workspace need to be examined and decided thoroughly. While it may seem tempting to use cool and calming colours like turquoise or lilac, these will have a detrimental effect on a brain that’s supposed to be alert. Go for colours like purple or sharp yellow that invoke creativity. Conversely, you can also go for neutral colours like white or grey if bright colours aren’t your thing.


Make a Mesh of Things

Let’s face the facts. Your WiFi is THE most crucial component of WFH. It’s what keeps you connected to your office and without it, almost no work would get done. During this phase, you might want to invest in internet plans which offer higher speeds and more data, but it’s an exercise in futility if your workstation is poorly located. Believe it or not, your WiFi router sends signals in very specific directions in your home. If these signals are obstructed from reaching a specific device, the device will simply not connect even though your internet service is working just fine. What obstructs these signals? Concrete, brick, and metal. The very things that make up your walls could very well obstruct your WiFi and slow it down. To fix this, you can set up your workspace and router in close proximity of each other. Better yet would be to get a Mesh WiFi system which places additional receptors around your home to improve your WiFi signal.


That’s Your Spot

Every single aspect we’ve spoken about until now could be solved simply by efficiently planning the location of your workspace. From lighting to your WiFi access, you need to think at least more than once about where your home office would fit best within your house. It goes without saying that corridors and passageways are not a good idea at all even if you stay alone. Remember, your home office may be a newly added area but it should not be an obstruction.

Don’t place yourself in a corner just because you feel it saves space, it may keep your room more open but if you’re cramped where you work then the purpose of a comfortable workspace is lost. Speak to our experts when it comes to creating your WFH niche and get productive. Your boss will be pleased you did!

We’ve discussed how technology has already changed the face of construction. It’ll be interesting to understand its impact on interior design. Tech meets art and the possibilities are endless.

Interiors for Smart homes

Smart home technology is changing the way people are planning not just the interiors of their homes, but the design itself. They have to take into consideration appliances like smart lights, thermostats, smart TVs, etc. In the near future, we’ll have kitchens where the induction hobs are built into the stone of the countertop and bathrooms with voice-controlled showers.


Functional furniture

Since technology has become an important part of our life, the furniture around us has to adapt accordingly. For example, sofas will have a foldable table for laptops or a hidden charging station for our gadgets. 



Energy-efficient lighting

One of the leading trends in interior design is to create more environmentally-friendly spaces and due to that, lighting technology has changed a lot these past few years. There’s more demand for ways to optimize natural lighting and also installing energy-efficient lighting that provide better quality lighting while requiring less electrical input.



3D Printing

This technology is going to change everything we know about interior design. Imagine being able to imagine and then design a furnishing piece and then ‘print’ it out exactly the way you or your designer envisioned it? Even if it’s a smaller version, it’ll make it so much easier, faster and cheaper to create the life-size version. 


Design Tools

Designers no longer have to travel with charts and books of their drawings and ideas – which we may not be able to completely imagine anyway. Now thanks to design tools and tablets, it’s easier to decorate spaces, measure distances and see how everything will ultimately look. 

interior design

Whether you’re a client or a designer, the beauty of technology is in its constantly evolving nature. at Housejoy, we ensure the diligent use of technology in order for better consumer experience with Interior Design.



The wall art we choose embodies self-expression.  Its a vibe, a statement, a way to subtly (or boldly) make your most innate thoughts heard and seen. Wall art and graphics resonated with the rebellious spirits of the younger demographic, from what was once considered vandalism has now charmed its way into various homes. Its various styles are contributing in their own individual way adding flair, drama, or elegance to what otherwise would be a large plain wall.


Typographical Art Prints

These include paintings, wall hangings or posters with quotes, movie dialogues, poems, book excerpts or maybe your favorite song’s lyrics. It’s a great way to personalize your space. 

Line Art

Stark black lines on a cream background. Simple to look at, have a gorgeous flow and add minimalistic elegance to a wall. You may choose to buy famous prints or give it a whirl and try to awaken the Van Gogh in you!


Bold abstracts

Bold, bright, and evident. Small or large in size they can’t be ignored. With the combination of various shapes and colors, this type of wall art can complete the look of a room or bring it’s various elements together. 


The Earthy Tones

Art pieces will have an equanimous feel. These art pieces have earthy tones of cream, grey, green, beige, brown and sky blue. Another alternative are botanical pictures or paintings.


The Gallery Wall

This is just displaying different kinds of wall art together. They can be photos, paintings, souvenirs, etc. all arranged beautifully on one wall.


Split Wall Art

This one has been around for a while. They are multi-panel prints of fine art or street or even split canvas prints of your favorite photo.

Selecting the right wall art can be the perfect way to revamp your space and reflect your personality. These popular wall trends are expected to be around for a while, so choose any of them and you’ll have yourself an Instagram or Pinterest worthy wall. Speak to experts at Housejoy for more information on trends in interiors and painting


For its first Indian issue (back in 2012), Architectural Digest chose to feature Deepika Padukone on its cover. Back then, Deepika was a new homeowner and lived in the sprawling 4BHK by herself. Now, her husband Ranveer Singh has moved in and both of them love coming home to each other. Find inspiration from your home from her glam abode!


 Deepika in a Sari…

…that’s how her interior designer described the house; implying that it’s modern yet traditional. Gorgeous Indian motifs, décor pieces by home-grown brands as well as furniture from various parts of the world adorn every corner of her home.


Reflects Personality

Deepika believes that a home should reflect one’s personality. Her home certainly reflects confidence, independence, class, and luxury. The diligent use of white and gold adds glamour, effortlessly.


Involved with Interior

Deepika is passionate about interiors and is woke. She was actively involved in the design and planning of the interiors of her home. She always keeps an eye out for trinkets when she travels the globe. Most of them have found their forever home in her happy abode.

home interiors


The Colour of Glamour

The house interiors ooze glamour, with colors like silver and gold stealing the limelight. You can’t but notice the pops of vibrant blues and red in every room as well; catch a glimpse of a bright blue table lamp, a catchy red chest of drawers or a plush pink fluffy rug!

home interiors


Dream home – literally

Deepika’s bedroom has a four-postered bed and a massive walk-in closet that has an attached bathroom with a black marble floor. As a first-time homeowner, Deepika spent a lot of time planning and researching the style she wanted for the home. 

home interiors

Every aspect of the interior is intricately planned and Deepika’s home truly emanates her personality. She believes that the homeowner should work closely with the designer to achieve the style they prefer. At Housejoy, the designers go the extra mile to ensure your vision comes to life and you fall in love, again. 



home interiors

Sometimes it’s not the size of the room or the objects that make the space interesting, it’s about how it’s illuminated. Lighting will always be an important element of interior design and that holds good for both, natural and artificial ambient, accent, or task lighting .

Yours, Naturally

When it comes to constructing a new house or renovating an old one, prioritizing natural light can do wonders for the ambiance of a home. If adding windows or a skylight is out of the question, alternatives like reflective backsplash tiles, mirrors, pastel-shade curtains or light coloured wall paints will allow the light to bounce around the room. Research reveals that natural lighting has various positive effects on people. 

Light It Up. 

Smaller rooms or rooms with darker colours or without natural light can seem very cramped. Even those with much furniture or clutter. By spreading the light evenly, with the use of corner lamps or ceiling lights, you can create the illusion of space. In larger rooms, ambient picture lights and charming table lamps can make any space feel a little cozier. 

On a Lighter note

The right kind of lighting in the right place can enhance or soften other colours of the room. Since some dark colours can make a room look smaller, light can be used to illuminate the walls and give the illusion of a much bigger space.  Track lights can be used to soften the walls. If a room is rather dull because of the colours in it, a fun table lamp or a playful pendant light can shift the colour palette. 


Illuminated Interior

Lights should always serve a purpose. The placement and type of lighting can be different in each room based on how it’s needed. In large entryways, chandeliers do a great job of lighting up the large area. Wall light along a corridor, can shed light on the walkway plus make it look lengthier. Desks, display tables and the stovetop in the kitchen require task-specific lighting.

Lighten Up!

Lighting can change the mood and setting of a room. For example, a living room with neutral white-tone lights, warm white light, placed at lower levels in the bedroom has a calming effect. Installing coloured light bulbs that you can control through an app is great for setting the mood and brightness of the room.


Lighting is more than just a component that drives your electricity bill. It’s simple to create good lighting and with Housejoy, it’s simpler. Do it right and it can do more than create a beautiful living space, it can amalgamate different elements in the room, create harmony and make you feel ‘light’ at home! 

There’s another routine that you instinctively follow at the end of a long day at work — plonk down on your comfy sofa and rest those tired legs on your precious coffee table, it’s the only support system you need. Here are a few quirky and trendy coffee table designs that are current favorites of Millenials.



A coffee table completes your sofa, it’s a match made in furniture heaven. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important to understand that the chunky coffee table that catches your eye might not be the best fit for your living area. Choose carefully, it’s a support system that you can’t do without. 



After a few DIY videos that went viral on the internet, river tables were on everyone’s wish list. These gorgeous river tables are a bit pricey, however, there are DIY videos that could be useful, if you have the time! Resembling a deep valley gorge with crystal clear water flowing through it, its undoubtedly a statement piece for your living room.



These chic designs are every nature enthusiasts weakness, it brings a little piece of the outdoors, indoors. The coffee tables are usually made of good quality wood with a hollowed-out centre and that allows you to grow miniature plants or herbs right in the comfort of your living area.



These tables are usually smaller in size, but large, sturdy nesting tables make great coffee tables. They aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are functional as well. A table within a table, it can double as a chair if need be. A must for smaller homes and a great way to save space.



Putting up your feet at the end of a long day on this beauty is a step closer to nirvana. It’s designed specifically for this ‘feat’. A large table with a soft padded top and hidden storage that’s perfect for stowing away quilts or other dear items.



Like the mystical dungeons and alleyways that emerge out of nowhere depicted in various Harry Potter Movies, these exquisite tables have pull-out drawers beautifully concealed in the design. Store your trinkets and watch the drawers slink away from view never to be seen again, well, at least until you find the magical lever.


Great space savers and functional, tables aren’t just a dead piece of furniture that you use to ‘keep stuff on’ anymore. They represent your personality and provide a sense of unexplained restfulness. Make your decor and interiors resonate with your thoughts and traits. Consult with Housejoy experts on customizing your interiors.




The smartest way to spruce up any room of a home is to indulge in some cheeky, contemporary decor. Be it a statement piece that you’ve spent the years’ salary on or grandma’s trusty kerosene lamp that still has that faint aroma of nostalgia, decor does the trick. Here are 7 simple hacks to create magic in the sacred space that you call home

Go big or go home

Lit Decor

Bigger is better, and that applies to art as well. Bring in a ‘larger than life’ painting, preferably ones that portray bold strokes and bright colours and make space for it on your white wall. You may also combine a set of smaller frames to mimic large artwork. In the world of ‘instant’, this is the quickest fix to an otherwise dull wall.

Green is the new black

Green New Black

We highly recommend you get the greenery inside; small houseplants are a great way of doing that. They even purify the air around you. Choose Peace Lilies and Snake Plants as floor-mates, sweet Succulents and Chinese Money plants as your desk mates, and some pretty Polka-Dot plants or Oxalis as shelf mates; they won’t disappoint.

Rustic weds Vintage

Go Big Go Home

Pairing rustic, earthy furniture with some vintage furnishings is a match made in heaven. Mix rustic decor such as exposed bricks or weathered furniture with restored vases or vintage units of well-known brands. Impress the guests, effortlessly.

Shelf desk for oneself

Shelf Desk Decor

Desks that tend to occupy the whole floor are definitely passe. These desks are far from the norm; Shelf desks and simple single desks are not only functional but add a touch of minimalistic elegance, be it to a bedroom or the living area.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Rustic Weds Vintage

Who’s got the coolest room of them all? Mirrors are not just reflective surfaces that you look at before rushing out the door; they have evolved and add a touch of glamour to your home. Use fragmented mirror styles, oversized curved mirrors, or tiny mirrors with large, edgy borders to make your surrounding space seem larger than it is.

Be LIT Decor

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Lights are not to be taken lightly. From quirky metal chandeliers that can brighten dim corners, retro jute rope lights with incandescent bulbs, to mason jar lights that add a bit of warmth to desks, you can’t go wrong with these light particles.



Giving attention to outdoor decor is just as important. Creating a water element around the house is good chi. A calming koi pond, a water garden, miniature retro fountain, or even a charming bird-bath can provide an upgrade to your yard.


These decor solutions pack a mean punch when it comes to adding charm and elegance to your home. Upgrade your decor quotient with Housejoy, renovate your house and give your home decor the boost it deserves.


Feng Shui is more than an ancient art and science; it is the interaction of us humans with our environment. It reveals how to balance the energies of a space by designing or positioning the surroundings in such a way that it creates perfect harmony. Here are some easy tips on how to bring the concepts of Feng Shui to your living room:

9 minutes of fresh air

Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to clear out your living room is to keep the windows open for at least nine minutes. According to Feng Shui, nine is considered to be a lucky number. Opening up the windows will let the bad and stale energy escape.

Colour choices

Color Choices

Since the living room is where people come together and it’s where energies interact and merge, it should be a neutral ground. Choose colours like warm yellow, brown and clay for the bigger furniture pieces. The accessories can be brighter pops of colour.

Seating positions


According to Feng Shui, pieces of furniture should be grouped together for the easy flow of conversation. Also, all of the seats should have a view of the door so that everyone in the room can see who’s coming and who’s going. 



Make sure there is no one metal that’s predominant in the room. For example, if there is too much of one particular metal, add more soft accessories like pillows, throws and rugs. Similarly, if there’s too much of white, add some pops of colour or wood to add warmth to the room.



Plants not only liven things up, they purify the air. They add a unique texture to the room creating more balance. Plants with positive vibes include bamboo, peace lily, the snake plant and more. 

Decorate the Walls


Wallpapers or wall art that’s uplifting is ideal. Flowers, animals, birds, leaves and trees create stimulating energy. 

Space for all

Space for All

See that every member of the household (including pets) have their own seat in the room. This is so every person feels welcome and comfortable. 

Choose wisely


When selecting accessories or show pieces for your living room, only pick those items that are meaningful to you and other members of the family. You should only have happy responses to these items. Everything we have around us has the power to influence us so only display positive energy anchors.


Remember that it’s all about balance and to let positive energy flow. The simplest way you can do that is be de-cluttering your room. So tidying up would be the perfect way to start. 

Positive Vibes Fend Shui

There are times when you want your home to look cleaner (or fancier) than it is. Like for example;
festivals, birthdays or just after a call from relatives saying they ‘happen’ to be passing by and will be
at your door in five minutes. If you’re looking for easy ways to spruce up your home or just want to
make some changes before the new year, here are some ideas:

1. Paint the grout lines

Paint Lines

Most of our bathroom tiles have a dark outline as a result of grout that’s accumulated over the
years. Even after you’ve cleaned it, it won’t be the same colour it was and will definitely stand out.
You can just use grout paint between the tiles and wipe off any excess. You don’t even have to
choose a colour that matches the tiles. Choose a contrasting colour like blue or black if your tiles are
white and give your bathroom a trendy upgrade.

2. Change door knobs

Change Door Knobs

To give the old rooms a new look, consider changing the door knobs. Replacing your door knobs with
something more vintage or modern is a simple way to make your door look stylish.

3. Home Gallery

Home Gallery

An easy way to give your home a whole new feel is to hang up some photos. Pick out some special
ones, get them printed and select the right frames. Stick paper on the wall where you want the
photos to go so you know how they will all fit together before bringing out the hammer and nails.

4. Repaint Stairs

Repaint Stairs

Use a large bristle brush and give your staircase a fresh coat of paint. Try something different by
painting the top part of the stair and the base a different colour. Or you can paint the sides of the
stairs a different colour and the middle a different colour.

5. Swap Out Light Fixtures


This one might need the help of a professional as it can be tricky and there are wires (and electricity)
involved. But by changing your lighting around the house, you’ll be giving it a whole new look and
feel. You can add Edison-style bulbs in the living room, vintage pendants in the kitchen or replace
some of the white lights with yellow ones to give your home a warm glow.

Transform your space with these simple DIY home improvement ideas. Other simple ways to change
things up would be to add some greenery, repaint furniture, hang up mirrors, etc. Even small
changes can have a big impact and make the place more visually appealing.

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