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Hiccups and surprises during a renovation of house, no matter how well planned, are sometimes inevitable. Checklists aside, here are a few things you should consider while you renovate.

You Can Have What You Want

Experts suggest that clients spend time reading home decor and architecture magazines, watching design shows and scrolling through websites to understand their taste. For example, it’s not enough to just say you want a new kitchen, you have to know what structural changes will be involved, specific of the finish of the countertops, what kind of a wardrobe you want installed; renovation is your second chance, its important to make the right decisions.


Keep Cheques in Check

Your dream house might not fit within your real budget, that’s life; it important you check for prices of materials, light fixtures, and then choose according to your budget. Check with multiple teams about the cost of labour and other services when you’re picking a contractor or design firm


Test Run Renovation Of House

You may think you’ve found the perfect shade of paint or tile design but might hate it after a week. The best way to be completely sure of your choice is to order samples and try them out. Paint one side of the wall or lay down the tiles and see how you feel throughout the day – in changing lights. You can even paint on a board and move it around the rooms to see how it will look after the renovation of house

Get Sold On Solid Contracts

Ensure you understand and read the contract and be clear on payment schedules, potential penalties, timelines, labour costs, details about materials, measurements, and more. Break down the project into phases to know what will be done when and what jobs will overlap each other.


Timing Is Everything

Timelines of most construction and renovation are bound to stretch. It’s important you stay constantly updated and your contractor can help you do that. Avoid unnecessary delays by maintaining timely payments.  

You have two choices: you either do the groundwork and be the co-ordinator of your renovation projects or you pick a trusted company to handle everything for you. At Housejoy, tech-enabled platforms streamline the entire renovation process while maintaining complete transparency at every stage. Make your dream home into a reality, but without the hassles!`

The wall art we choose embodies self-expression.  Its a vibe, a statement, a way to subtly (or boldly) make your most innate thoughts heard and seen. Wall art and graphics resonated with the rebellious spirits of the younger demographic, from what was once considered vandalism has now charmed its way into various homes. Its various styles are contributing in their own individual way adding flair, drama, or elegance to what otherwise would be a large plain wall.


Typographical Art Prints

These include paintings, wall hangings or posters with quotes, movie dialogues, poems, book excerpts or maybe your favorite song’s lyrics. It’s a great way to personalize your space. 

Line Art

Stark black lines on a cream background. Simple to look at, have a gorgeous flow and add minimalistic elegance to a wall. You may choose to buy famous prints or give it a whirl and try to awaken the Van Gogh in you!


Bold abstracts

Bold, bright, and evident. Small or large in size they can’t be ignored. With the combination of various shapes and colors, this type of wall art can complete the look of a room or bring it’s various elements together. 


The Earthy Tones

Art pieces will have an equanimous feel. These art pieces have earthy tones of cream, grey, green, beige, brown and sky blue. Another alternative are botanical pictures or paintings.


The Gallery Wall

This is just displaying different kinds of wall art together. They can be photos, paintings, souvenirs, etc. all arranged beautifully on one wall.


Split Wall Art

This one has been around for a while. They are multi-panel prints of fine art or street or even split canvas prints of your favorite photo.

Selecting the right wall art can be the perfect way to revamp your space and reflect your personality. These popular wall trends are expected to be around for a while, so choose any of them and you’ll have yourself an Instagram or Pinterest worthy wall. Speak to experts at Housejoy for more information on trends in interiors and painting


Painting your house can seem like a daunting task! The fact remains, that it is! Painting can be a messy job but if done right and by the right person, it can completely change the look of your room or home. 

  1. A Clean Slate 

Make sure that the walls are free of dust and debris before you begin work. You can use a rag or a duster or even better a broad and long Swiffer, it will help you reach and clean difficult areas.


  1. You’ve got it covered

Use a plastic sheet or a plastic tablecloth to protect your floor. If there are other items you want to shield like a sink or toilet, cover it with plastic and use plastic wrap to secure all the edges. There’s a special painter’s plastic wrap that has an adhesive. It prevents the paint from trickling down.

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  1. Clean and Tidy Job

Painter’s tape or masking tape is used to protect the rest of your surrounding areas such as adjacent walls or floors. Using tape gives a nice clean, crisp line. Sometimes the tape can be tough to remove. Heating it up with a hairdryer (turned on low heat) will make it easier to remove. 


  1. Layers of Protection

For other accessories and miniature fitting that are not on the to-paint list, namely screws, hinges, door handles, and knobs, you can apply petroleum jelly so that the paint doesn’t stick or get absorbed. It can be easily wiped clean post completion of the job.

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  1. The Plush Brush

A paintbrush that hasn’t been washed properly will ruin it and ruin any future paint job. To keep brushes soft and clean, soak them in white vinegar for about thirty minutes and rinse them with soap and water.



Painting your home can be fun, but keep in mind that it takes a certain amount of skill to get the finish right. Need the job to be completed in a timely manner with a more flawless finish then call in the experts from Housejoy!

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A Bathroom renovation is tricky because of the pipework and the existing layout. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting the bathroom you’ve always wanted. If you’re thinking of remodelling or renovating your bathroom, here are some tips to help you get started: 

  1. To Do or Not To Do

Even though you’ll need a professional architect or a designer to help with the plans, it’s important you have a clear understanding of what you want. Decide on the colour scheme, the features, and fittings you want to incorporate and then discuss these ideas with the designer.



  1. Search High and Low

Collect information and pictures of the spaces you love. Browse through books, websites, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. This will not just serve as a database for you to compare and plan your design, but will also give you introspect of your likes and dislikes – making it easier when faced with choices as you move ahead.



  1. What’s the Plan, Phil?

When you plan your budget, consider the materials of the fittings, the kind of changes you’re making, etc. There will be things that come up during construction so remember to leave some extra funds. 


  1. Paint On!

Changing the colour of your bathroom is a great way to give it a new look. Re-tiling is expensive and very time-consuming. Repainting will also take more time than you expect because it has to be carefully done in order to avoid the tiles, fixtures, toilets, sinks, etc. 


  1. Renovation Means an Update

Update your faucets, showerheads, light fixtures, cabinets and more for a brand new look. Renovations are a great time to do your bit for the environment by choosing low-flow faucets and shower-heads and instant-water heaters.


  1. Go into the Light

Apart from installing new light fixtures, add windows and skylights and try to choose surfaces that reflect the light. During a renovation, its important you keep a  tab on the design as well and make sure you get your ample share of light in!



Renovations can seem daunting but with the right people, the room can easily move away from being a place of function to a soothing space. Housejoy can put together a team that can give you everything you want in the design while addressing the layout, tiles, fixtures and colour schemes.


With change being the only constant, we humans tend to ‘change’ things periodically and that applies to all aspects of life, but for now we’ll concentrate on changes in the renovation industry! This year, instead of resolutions , how about renovations? Renovations are a great way to improve your mood, health and quality of life. Here are a few renovation trends that are expected to dominate the first year of the decade!

  1. Ace of Eco-friendly Space

With a lot more focus on the environment, more people are opting for green and sustainable lifestyles. The changes can be minute yet impactful, like replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or installing showerheads that use less water. Bigger renovations like installing skylights or solar panels are great ways to save energy and reduce cost, while doing your bit for the environment. 

  1. No Paint. No Gain

Repainting walls, doors or even windows of a single room can make a huge difference to its ambience. In 2020, three-tone kitchens are expected to be popular. The colours of the wall, furniture and cabinets, all in complementary colours can create a pleasing asymmetrical pulse plus define zones or functions. 

  1. Lower Your Walls

This popular development will create quite a stir this year! It involves  an amalgamation of neighbouring walls or just no wall! Homeowners are opting for ‘more room’ by opening up living spaces. The living, dining and kitchen are made to resemble one magnificent room. This makes the home look larger and  feels a lot airier. 

  1. It’s Just Personal

Homeowners are now able to choose colours and patterns for almost anything. Fixtures like door handles, faucets, and even window sills can be personalized according to their individual taste. Mixed textures and fabrics, customized color blends, and tailored designs can make any house a unique home.

  1. Escape to Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are truly adorable! They are becoming more functional, with additions such as  storage and seating space, some homeowners are squeezing in a cooktop, a bar, a food-prep area and more! The ‘ends’ of the islands are also being utilized, with options like a mini fridge, an appliance charging station or a pull-out chopping board coming into play.

You don’t have to follow the new year new you drill! It can mean a significant change ‘around’ you; your entire home or your favourite room, anywhere is a great place to start.  Call in the experts at Housejoy and let them bring your renovation vision to life.


If your Christmas wishlist contains the words ‘build a house’ or ‘renovate the terrace’, then it might just come true within a few months. We’ve made the process easy and hassle-free. Our packages are all about convenience and customization, because we believe that just like people, no two homes are the same. 

There’s no better gift for us than the joy we see on our customers faces after they avail our various Construction, Interiors, and Renovation services. Here is Mrs. Rekha’s renovation story! 

Construction or Renovation of a home is no easy task, a trusted helping hand is needed. Talk to Housejoy Experts today and start ticking the wishes off your list one by one!

Before you start constructing your house, read these set of articles. Be knowledgeable and woke. Get trusted builders and contractors to guide you better, as constructing a house is no easy task.  We thought that you should take a look:


Lets Map it Out

Once the design of the foundation is ready and finalized, the foundation layout it prepared and the site marking begins. Though the process and procedure might differ depending on the scale of the project, these are the brief steps that are followed.


You Reap what you Soil

Based on soil conditions, the pillar placements are identified and the corners of the building are marked. 

Base point is fixed and a rod is hammered in. From that base point, the baseline is laid using thread. 

The centre line, perpendicular to the long wall, is marked by making a proper angle. A right angle is set by creating triangles with sides of 3, 4 and 5 units long. A steel tape is used to fix all the dimensions. The formula is used here as √(L2+B2). Accurate centre or axial lines can be determined and marked by using a theodolite, an instrument used for fixing acute or obtuse angles.

The Ace of Base

 For a simple building layout, like a rectangle, the outline of the building is marked by a thread line tied to corner posts – a rod hammered into the post can be used to attach the line to. A theodolite, site square or builder’s square is used to calculate and measure the 90-degree angles for the remaining corners. Ranging rods may also be required to establish a straight line between the corner posts.

Hot Rods

For the corner posts, usually 50 x 50 mm timber posts are driven firmly into the ground, with a nail in the centre of the post. The outline can be marked on the ground with dry lime or any similar powder. 

Required material on marking day:

  • Threads — to tie and connect the rods
  • Paint and brush — to mark the walls
  • Chalk powder or dry lime powder — to mark digging area
  • Steel rods — to tie threads usually around 2-3ft long

Proper marking of the foundation is very important to ensure that the foundation walls are of the same size and are in the right position to be able to bear the load of the wall. Mistakes in the foundation will cause cracks when the construction starts and movement happens. Also, mistakes in the marking are expensive and time consuming to correct. That’s why it’s vital to get the right people for the job. Housejoy has an expert team of engineers and architects who use the most current methods and technology to make sure every step is done perfectly and accurately – right from the measurement of the foundation to the completion of the project. 

You’ve already made the big decision to renovate. While you’re at it, here are some fun design ideas you can incorporate to the plans to turn parts of your home into exciting spots of the family as well as visitors. 

Staircase Aquarium


Design your staircase by getting a custom aquarium that becomes a beautiful piece of décor and a conversation-starter when you have people over. Don’t blame us if your stairs get more attention than the rest of your home.

Indoor Hammock

IndoorHammock Design

Everyone loves a hammock but not all of us have a backyard or the space outdoors to hang one up. With an indoor hammock, you can turn any corner into a relaxing retreat. Even if you don’t have the space but have the height, you can tie up a net to make a hammock floor!

Unique Paint


Get one (or more) walls of your home painted differently. We don’t just mean a different colour – imagine one side of the wall looking like the galaxy or a bee hive or even a forest. 

Bathroom Floor or Something More


With unique or fun tiles, you can turn your bathroom floor into a fun optical illusion. Design it into a beach, a bed of pebbles, a river bed or a waterfall.

Turn an old bicycle into a new sink


If you don’t want to get rid of your old bike, turn it into useful art. The sink has the support of a wooden countertop that’s fastened against the wall. The bike can be fixed under it and the basket can be used for storing towels and more. 

Stairs = Storage

StorageStairs Design

Turn the space under the stairs into storage for your linens, winterwear, extra pillows, rugs and more. A sideways open staircase can be turned into a storage closet or open storage space to hang up coats and place umbrellas. 

Children’s Reading Nook


Turn a corner of the children’s room into a fun reading nook. You an go all out by making it look like the hollow of a tree or just add a few shelves and a mattress. 

Fun Lamps


Something simple like a new lamp can change the entire room. An animal lamp in the children’s room or a chandelier in the dining room can be all you need to correct what you thought was missing before. 

Stained-glass window or door


Add tones of colourful light to your home by installing a stained-glass window or door. You can even have it done to a small window, like the one in your bathroom or kitchen. 

These ideas prove that when it comes to renovation – there’s always room for innovation and imagination.

Stylish Renovation

Deciding to renovate your office is a big decision but one that can benefit everyone. It can create the right work environment, make employees feel valued and also impress customers and clients. If you’re deciding to make small or big changes to your workspace, here are some renovation ideas that can increase productivity and make the office look amazing


renovation ideas 1

If you’re thinking of making some changes to the office, why not give it a fresh new look? Offices are usually painted white, cream or other neutral colours. These do very little for the imagination and energy levels of the employees. Brighter colours will get people excited and maybe even motivated. If getting the entire office painted a brighter hue seems too much, even just one wall or one cabin might be enough to do the trick. 

Breakout Areas

renovation ideas 2

A breakout space is not necessarily an area for an employee to get a break from work. It can be a space where one or two people go just to be in a more informal setting (away from their usual desk) to focus and get a task done. It can even help get the creative juices flowing. Offer comfortable seating and different colours and textures. A sofa or a bean bag would be great. 

Collaborative & Private Working Spaces

renovation ideas 3

Open offices usually have plenty of collaborative working spaces. To allow for more easy collaboration you can replace some chairs with benches so employees can just scoot closer when they need to work on something together. You will still need a few closed workspaces for certain tasks that require privacy like appraisals or even interviews. For this create dedicated spaces or booths away from disturbances.

Adjustable Workstations

renovation ideas 4

Adjustable and ergonomically-designed workstations make employees happy and can really boost productivity. Create spaces that allow flexibility to the employees so they can work sitting down or standing up or any other way they feel most comfortable. 

Go Green

renovation ideas 5

Take steps towards becoming more eco-friendly like making sure all areas have garbage segregation facilities, using recycled paper and furniture, installing motion-sensor lighting, etc. You can maximise the use of natural light and also add some greenery around the office.

These design ideas will not just make the office look better but will motivate the staff and get them excited about coming to the office. It can create a better work environment and also increase creativity and productivity. 

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Image Credits: Pinterest

No matter the nature or the degree, any renovation can be stressful. Not to mention the time and money involved. To minimize all three (stress, money and time), here are some tips from professional architects and interior decorators for home renovations.

Check the plumbing and electricals

home renovations 1

Before the start of any renovation, check whether the plumbing and electrical work are up to date and in good condition. Since things are getting torn down now, this is the best time to correct any plumbing or electrical issues so you can avoid unnecessary work and expenses later.

Let the neighbours know

home renovations 2

A renovation impacts everyone around it. Let your neighbours know what’s happening and give them an approximate timeline for the project. Some of them might have concerns or request that you keep the noise down during certain times of the day – you’ll want to respect those wishes to keep these relationships intact down the line.

Plan for the future

home renovations 3

If this is your family home and you don’t intend on moving out or giving it up for rent, then consider your future family plans when you design the renovation. For example, if you plan to turn the upstairs bedroom into a bedroom for parents, remember that climbing stairs might not be very easy for them in the years to come.

Kitchen tips

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Most kitchen renovations involve storage and cabinetry. Experts suggest that it’s best to keep it simple and not try to stylize it too much. The layout should be practical all materials used for surfaces should be strong and durable. In short – when you’re planning the kitchen renovation, think of what works for you and not what looks good to visitors. 

Multi-functional spaces

home renovations 5

When you’re renovating, consider making spaces flexible in terms of what they cater to. For example, just adding dimmer lights to your dining area or a seat by the window can make it a great place to relax or entertain. 

Bathroom renovation

home renovations 6

While deciding on bathroom renovations, consider getting larger tiles so you’ll have lesser grout lines. This will make the bathroom cleaner and easier to clean. Other changes that have the same effect are wall-hung toilets and cabinets. 

Use lighting right

home renovations 7

If you have low ceilings and want the space to appear larger, install some lamps and uplighting fixtures that throw light upwards. Install a variety of light sources lamps, ambient lights, task lights, dimmers, etc. Consider installing LED lights but always call an expert. Maximize on sunlight by installing windows in the right places and hang mirrors to reflect light.

With these tips and information from experts, renovation can be smoother and simpler for you.


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