Questions About Construction of a Home?

Building your home is a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. How do ensure the experience remains memorable? These are a few steps that you can take that will help you in your long walk home.

Fix your budget

Very few houses in your city or town look like the clones of one another! Hence, it is easy to understand that every house is built differently and on a different budget. Setting a budget is perhaps the most important aspect of a home-building project. Unless you find a balance between what you want to spend and how much you can afford to spend, you won’t be able to make a correct plan for the rest of the building project.

Start off by analyzing your financial strengths, your income pattern, your requirements, your borrowing options, etc and then you will know what the ideal budget for your home construction project is.


The budget must include the basic costs :

  • Cost of the plot/land
  • Cost of registration
  • Cost of construction which can be approximated around Rs 1500-1800 per sq. feet depending on the location, the foundation and the framing, materials used, labour cost, additional fittings and fixtures and the finesse.Other unforeseen expenses of 20% needs to be estimated
  • Interior Design
  • Permits¬†

Housejoy’s advice: Once you finalize your budget, you need to understand your cash flow accordingly. The total amount that would be the down-payment and the amount of loan that you will be applying for needs to be considered. This would help you get an idea on your EMI and the total spend on constructing your house. Balance it.


Choose the location of the plot based on your budget

Once you know how much you can spend, get down to business. Start by looking at plots on which you can build your home. If you already have a plot in your name, consider a quarter of your job done. If not, start researching. Decide the location, the type of land (a plot for a farmhouse, a plot in a gated community). It’s advisable to look for a suitable plot within your budget.

Points to consider while choosing the best plot:

  • Location and other facilities and amenities needed in the vicinity
  • Favorable neighbourhood
  • Soil condition
  • Water table nearby
  • Topography of the location
  • Accessibility and infrastructure
  • Zoning and legal restrictions
  • Availability of water, electricity, and other essential amenities
  • Rainwater system and sewage


Housejoy’s Advice: Ensure you do the following checks before buying:

      • Search the property in the municipality to ensure that there are no legal complications in the same
      • Property Taxes have been duly paid and receipts provided
      • The plot has a minimum street frontage so that there would be no hassles on getting building permits and future expansion possibilities. 

Buy the plot

This is an obvious step but one of the most important parts of the process. You need to ensure that the process is well executed and your documents are in place.

The documents that you need to keep handy before buying the plot

    • Property tax receipt from the previous owner
    • A clear deed or land title mentioning that the land is a NA (non-agricultural) land 

The documents that you need to keep handy before construction of your house are:

      • FSI or Floor Space Index with a floor plan
      • Carpet area need
      • Sales deed and agreement
      • Relevant approvals and permission for construction


Hire an architect

You may be ambitious but no matter what the reason is, do not make the mistake of trying to plan the layout and design of your house on your own. This is a blunder many people make and they live to regret their decision.

You have to hire an architect at this step as only a trained and qualified architect can make the most useful and cost-effective home plan for you. Tell the architect what your requirements and wishes are and let the expert make the plan for you.

Choose the builder based on the following aspects:

  • Credentials and past work
  • Reviews of ex-clients
  • Style and personality which needs to be in sync with what you are looking for
  • Price


Get a proper floor plan –
A generic house can seldom become your beloved, cosy home. Convey your ideas to the architect and tell him or her about the budget, the number of residents, your preferences. You are not obligated to approve the very first floor plan the architect presents you. Sit with your architect and work on drafts till you come up with the most suitable floor plan for your home.


  • Apply for permits –
    After you have identified the plot, hired an architect and finalised the floor plan, you need to complete the extremely crucial task of obtaining the permits. Permits are issued by different governing bodies, depending on the geographic location of the plot. If you want to build your home in a city, you need to get permits and licences from the municipality. If you want to carry out the residential home construction in a village, you need to approach the panchayat. You will also need permits for installing water and electric connections in the house. Make sure you have all the permits before you begin.  
  • Identify the builder –
    It will be difficult to construct your home properly and on time unless you have a good builder to work for you. A good builder brings together a skilled and experienced team of workers who work well to get the job done efficiently and on time. Make sure you hire a builder who is reputed and also affordable. Finding the perfect builder is ideal, so choose your builder with care.


Factors to consider while opting for the right builder:

  • Experience of the builder and his past work
  • The success rate
  • The duration taken for completion of the project of past assignments
  • Number of ongoing projects
  • The entire team and their average tenure of association with the builder
  • Quality check
  • After sales service

This is not an exhaustive list but only a tentative one which is mandatory for you to check before you entrust the responsibility of your house to the builder!


Allot Time
You need to assign a stipulated time period for the construction work. The home construction project cannot go on for years. You need to identify the time period within which the job can be completed. Convey the information to your architect and builders to ensure your home gets constructed on time.


  • Plan the electricity and plumbing framework –
    A home cannot be liveable unless it has power and water. These form the two most important components of a house. So make sure the electricity and plumbing framework is planned and executed perfectly. Your architect and builder should also be very mindful about these design aspects and implement them flawlessly when planning and constructing the house for you. 
  • Look for sustainability –
    Always build a house that would be easy to sell. This doesn’t mean that you will sell your dream home soon, but if you ever plan to do so, you should be able to do it effortlessly. If the design plan of the house is too unique and unusual, it would become very challenging for you to find buyers later on. Also, make the house as sustainable as you can. Use materials in home construction that are eco-friendly.

    Housejoy’s advice: Do not invest a lot in furniture and fixtures and expensive interior designing right at the beginning. It can always be improved later. Also, try and install a few solar panels on the roof. Look into cemented furniture options. These measures will allow you to save on expenses in the long run. 

Stay involved

Remember, you are building your dream home and so you need to stay involved at all times. Visit the construction site as frequently as possible. Stay updated. Get involved in the material procurement process. When you stay involved, the job takes place more efficiently and you also get to see your home taking shape slowly yet steadily.

Need expert advice when it comes to construction? We suggest you have a conversation with our experts and understand how our opting for our unique construction packages can save you money and time.



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