Shifting Houses During COVID? Take these Safety Measures

It’s a known fact, shiting houses is no easy task when done on a normal day. This is the new normal and requires more precautions that need to be taken. Here are a few measures that you can take to ensure that you and your family are safe during the big move.


Scout the Area Before Shifting Houses

It goes without saying that you need to triple check the region you are shifting to. We’re not talking about reasons related to workplace or marketplace proximity. We’re talking about the ZONE. If you are shifting to a region with a particularly low emergence of cases, then your chances of contracting COVID while shifting is 70% lesser. However, if you are shifting to a region that is near a containment zone then it might be a good idea to postpone your moving plans by a couple of months. During this process you will interact with several individuals that live in these zones and the chances of infection will be extremely high. If time is not a luxury you can afford, then keep reading for our additional precautions you can take while shiting houses 


Take the Digital Route 

As is routine, we tend to physically check anything we are placing a high-level investment on. There are no unboxing videos for homes so obviously, you feel the compulsion to physically check out your homes before shifting. PLEASE avoid this as each time you step outdoors you are actively affecting the transmission rate of your city. Virtual tours are slowly being incorporated by major brokerage firms and housing companies. Even apartment societies have started implementing the same. You don’t need to physically meet your potential landlord when you can discuss the payments and other details over the phone. Keep the same in mind for your rental agreements and other documentation. State governments are collectively pushing for e-documents so you can get your paperwork done without leaving your home. 


Movers and Packers of The World

Even if you’re a minimalist, you can’t shift all your belongings yourself. The requirement of professional movers and packers is imminent. Keep in mind the word “Professional”. Every single service-based business has had to undertake many precautionary measures so as to provide a safe service. Look for movers that are certified and transparent in their services. Remember, if the movers are not taking the required precautions, they may not even be allowed into the apartment where you are shifting. This is going to be far more complicated and tedious than a usual shifting process so pre-plan your packing and make an inventory of everything that needs to be packed by the movers specifically.  


Fumigate, Don’t Wait!

The house you are going to shift into will need a large amount of clean up that most rental agreements do not cover. In other words, the cost of making your ‘safe’ is entirely on you. You might be picturing yourself with multiple sanitizer bottles spraying every inch of the house but there’s a much simpler solution. Fumigation is the process of killing bacteria and viruses, not just in the air but also on surfaces. In homes that have existing furniture and objects, the fumigation would take longer but you have an empty house! Just get it fumigated a couple of days before your shift, and you will have a clean and disinfected home. Remember to disinfect your belongings after the packers have left them. 


Stay Social from a Distance

It’s unavoidable. You are shifting your home and you can’t do it alone. There will be a number of people involved in the process and you will have to interact with them all. So the best advice we can give is the same advice given by the government and the medical professionals. Maintain social distancing with the movers and packers. They are trained to do the same. Wear a mask at all times and don’t forget to disinfect your hands every chance you get as you will be touching a lot of belongings and surfaces. Ensure that you ask your landlord, broker, and security guards to adopt the same safety measures while interacting with you. 

Safety measures can be many, however, they will be necessary while shifting houses. The threat is real and the pandemic isn’t over. Although we need to adapt to the new normal there, we can adapt to it, safely. Our packers and movers are well trained in safety protocols and follow WHO-recommended safety measures. We suggest you hold on to the move, but if shifting houses is a must, then speak to our experts.


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