Easy Fixes for the 5 Most Common Issues with Household Appliances

Deciding whether to repair or replace your defective appliance can be a tough choice. Of course, if the appliance is broken then it’s a no brainer – get a new one and let the old one, sadly, rest in pieces. However, there are times when simple fixes can get your ‘electric’ comrade up and running. Take a look at these quick fixes.


Appliance: Refrigerator
Issue: Isn’t cooling as well as it used to.

Solution: First, check the obvious – the temperature settings. Then, clean the gasket, make sure it’s closed properly and isn’t allowing the cool air to escape. Next, check the seal around the refrigerator door. Lastly, unplug the refrigerator and clean the coils with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. This will remove any dust or hair and ensure your refrigerator works more efficiently.



Appliance: Washing Machine
Issue: Musty Smells

Solution: Oddly enough, one of the reasons for the ‘musty’ smell from your washing machine is using too much detergent. Using as recommended (not more than two tablespoons) and using limited amounts of fabric softener, can prevent the excess product from getting stuck to the machine. Another reason for the smell is trapped moisture. A simple way to solve this is to dry out the door and mop up the excess water in the machine after each wash cycle. You could also leave the door ajar for a while.



Appliance: Air Conditioner
Issue: Isn’t cooling the room.

When this happens, its usually caused by a blocked or dirty air condenser. First, check the outside unit and make sure the air circulation is proper. Remove anything that’s on it and clean the area around it. Next, check to see if your filter is clean. Getting the filter cleaned at least twice a year is recommended ( maybe more often if you’re living in a humid/hot city and use the AC quite often)



Appliance: Geyser
Issue: Water dripping from the geyser

Solution:  There could be many reasons for a leaky geyser — a bad plumbing connection, overheating, corroded water tank, leaking valves or high pressure. Nevertheless, the only real solution for this is to call a professional. It’s a safer option.



Appliance: TV
Issue: Pixelating

Solution: Picture is breaking or pixelating? It’s probably due to a weak signal. Check if all the connections (from the wall to the cable box, from the cable box to the TV) are tight. If it still doesn’t correct the issue, call a technician.

Before deciding the fate of your fave household appliances, consider the costs involved and also the age of the appliance. If you’ve tried everything possible and still unable to fix the issue at hand, it always better to call in the professionals and get it fixed, post the lockdown, of course.


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