Don’t be Dripping On Plumbing Issues!

Has ‘Call the Plumber’ been on your to-do list for weeks? Unless a pipe is broken and your home is under the danger of flooding, chances are that you’ll let plumbing problems persist before finally seeking help. Better late than never – so the wise once proclaimed. We bet they had their plumbing sorted and here’s how you can have it all figured out, too.


From the tap, folks!

Constant drips can ruin floors, walls or ceilings. It can cause significant damage to the walls, structural damage, distort a paint job and peel away wallpaper.  Fixing it at the right moment,  will not only save you money but ensures your home remains sturdy for years.

Untold Mold

Stagnant water leads to the development of mildew and mold.  Not only does it look displeasing, breathing in mold spores can lead to serious health concerns! If you already notice mold forming in your abode, along with the plumber you’ll have to call someone to get rid of the nasty slippery, mold.


Pest Infest

Pests are attracted to wet, moist environments. The moisture also makes surfaces and materials weaker, making it easier for pests to burrow through and nest. Hidden water leaks can be as good as ‘welcome’ signs for pests and insects.


Lost in the Wood

Wood can rot and deteriorate if water pipes are installed too close to cabinets, floorboards, or other wooden fixtures. Expensive to fix and hard to detect. It’s advisable to call in the experts and have them fix any evident issues.


Shocking  Plumbing Stories

Leaks can cause electrical wires to corrode which in turn could promote mold growth. Electric short circuits caused by water leaks are more common than you think. Those frequent shocks that wake you up while you brush your teeth might not just be caused due to a faulty switch!



Water Waste!

With leaks, you’re paying for water that you’re not using leading to an inflated water bill. Also, living with water wastage is not an eco-friendly way to run a house!

Plumbing problems can be complicated, stay one step ahead by calling a plumber to gain a better understanding of the situation. If you notice leaks, foul smells, lower pressure from any of the outlets, remember help is just a click away.


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