Architects’ Guide to Building your Home in Bengaluru | Part 2: Design

When working with Architects who will be designing and building your dream home there are certain factors that you must consider. Here are the few major stages that are bound to cement the bond between you and your architect.

Programmed to Speak: Architectural Programming

Consider this as your telling-your-heart’s-desire-to-the-architect phase. This is where a systematic evaluation of your requirements and suggestions is done. This is to ensure that you and your architect share the same vision. The functionality and aesthetics of the home will be discussed in detail and where honesty plays a major role. Put your inhibitions aside and tell the architect about how you’d like your home to be constructed, they are bound to help you understand the project’s limitations or annexes in terms of design and budget. Any changes in the budget will be discussed here before they move onto the next stage. All the inputs gathered from you will help them in the stages to follow.


Scheming Can Be Good: Schematic Designs 

This is the phase where the architect will help you visualize your home through obscure, plain designs and sketches. This phase is vital; based on your inputs, the Architect will draw up the schematic design. Again depending on the information gathered, construction costs could differ, hence discussing the estimate of construction at this stage will provide a clearer picture. If private architects are overseeing your project then you would be required to approach a builder in order to execute your plans. As an alternative, Housejoy meets all these requirements and nullifies your need to search for individual contributors. All you need to do is state your requirements and leave the running around to the firm.


One-step at a time: Design Development 

This is a reflection of the schematic designs, the architect and designers will translate the schematics and give it form. More details such as materials, structure, etc will be added. The architect’s expertise will come into play as they share a to-scale floor plan with elevations for review. Your dream home will pretty much take a tiny form and you will be able to view your home from different angles and under different light at this stage. It’s advisable that you spend enough time scrutinizing the design until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. It’s important you do so at this stage to avoid complications in the future.


The Plan in Motion: Construction Drawings

The people who are going to be involved in your project will get their debrief with these drawings from the architect/s. Multiple prints are shared amongst them describing the components of your home that need to be developed.  The architect will meet the engineers, landscape architects, and others and others whose roles will be indispensable in building your home. 

The technology used to give you a glimpse of your home even before its fully constructed is cutting edge and innovative. Every detail can be intensified to enhance your experience. If you’re looking for construction experts, architects and builders to help construct your home, why gather multiple sources, just rely on one entity to take care of multiple responsibilities. 

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