CelebCribs: A Take on Radhika Apte’s Space of Zen

Truly bold and beautiful – Radhika Apte is known for choosing unique roles and portraying strong women. Just like her film choices, her home is also anything but ordinary. Here are some key takeaways from the design and décor of her 2.5BHK apartment in Versova, Mumbai.

Light and Bright

Radhika says she and her husband looked for houses with plenty of natural lighting. Her living room has a huge window overlooking the seating area. Speaking of seating, all the furniture in this room is of low height so nothing obstructs the natural light coming in. Radhika also wanted to incorporate colour around the house so the guest bedroom has a bright yellow wall, her room doors are of different colours and there are colourful walls around the house and a bright blue kitchen! 


Make the most of space

Remember the huge window we were talking about earlier, well it used to be a balcony! They decided to take the balcony in to widen the room and also give the room a moor ‘outdoor’ feel. The windows are usually open so there’s plenty of fresh air. The ceilings are high, making the rooms spacious and airy.

Indoor plants

To make the home more calm and relaxing, there are plenty of plants around the house. Radhika considers them therapeutic and also believes they increase positive energy.  She says she grew up around trees so loves being surrounded by greenery. 

Old is Gold

There are pieces of furniture from her grandparents and her parents. She’s also a fan of vintage furniture and has collected pieces from Mumbai and Pune. Her first chair that she bought with her own money has found its forever home here.

Minimalistic Décor

The house isn’t crowded with large, flashy decor. There are mostly essential pieces of furniture, framed paintings, textured rugs, sheer curtains and a few antique accessories. There is a full-length mirror in the bedroom that reflects light and make it seem bigger than it is. 

 Overall, her home is warm and welcoming and looks ordinary with a subtle hint of glamour. With excellent use of space, the home meets their needs perfectly. We hope these points inspired you and if you still need an expert for to polish our idea – book an appointment with a Housejoy expert with ease.

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