The Crib of a Khiladi: Here’s a Peek into Akshay Kumar’s Home

What sounds better – a house by the sea, a house with a pond in the living room or a house with a mango tree in the garden? Imagine having all three! Well Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna don’t have to work their imagination too hard because their home has all of the above, and more! Here are some takeaways from the design and interiors of their house:

Memories Matter

Memories Matter

Twinkle believes in decorating the home with things that are special and have beautiful stories. Their home is filled with photographs, artefacts, keepsakes, souvenirs from their trips and gifts from loved ones. Even the mango tree is there for a reason – Twinkle said there was one in her father’s home and it brings back fond memories of her childhood.

Close to Nature

Close to Nature

Their duplex apartment faces the sea, has a green orchard-like garden and plenty of plants around the house. Every room receives a lot of natural light. The dining room has a wall-to-ceiling glass window overlooking the trees in the garden. The bedroom balcony has a day bed – perfect for watching the dancing waves and it’s also a great place for their pet dog to take a nap. 

Down to Earth

Down to Earth

Yes the house has some glamourous elements (pond in the living room – check, contemporary art pieces all over – check, a home theatre – check), but the base tones are very earthy. Brown and beige seem to be the main colours of the home. The furniture and the walls are all in very neutral shades but there are fun prints and textures all over. 

Space for all

Space for All

The house has a walk-in closet for Akshay on the first floor and a mini office for Twinkle on the first floor. The living room is warm and inviting with a 13-part pendant light and a pond beneath it.

Print This

Print Akshay

Though the base tones are neutral, there’s plenty of interesting prints all over. There’s a pineapple-print wall, ikat-printed bed linen, colourful cushions and more. The sculptures and art pieces are from all over. There are European pieces as well as South Indian pieces. Every nook and corner has some treasure – you can find a flowery tiger and also a huge skull candle. 

If Twinkle’s design ideas and these pictures of their gorgeous home have inspired you to make some changes to yours, HouseJoy can help turn your home into the haven you want it to be. 


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