Is Your Home Ready For The New Year?

While you’re busy planning for that new year’s bash, spare some time preparing your home for the brand new year. Yes, we’re talking about cleaning up your little heaven. We know some of you may find this idea very boring, but believe us, there is nothing quite like waking up in a clean house, especially when it’s the first day of the year!

So get friendly with brooms and mops, and let the house cleaning begin with these simple tips –

A List Before The Rest

Look around your house and write down the areas that require your attention. This will not only organize your cleaning, but also save you time and energy.

Home cleaning- list

Big things, Big Concern

You can’t clean every nook and cranny of your house in just one shot. So, overlook the small things, and invest your time on the big ones.

Home cleaning- big things

Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of warm water, and sponge it on your kitchen slab and appliances to make them look sparkling new. And in case your appliances need a repair, you can easily call Housejoy experts. From fridge repair, washing machine service to UV water purifier service, we’ve got them all.

Home cleaning- cleaner

Say Bye To Stained Mirrors

Dirty mirrors? Don’t worry! Take some old piece of cloth and clean them up with vinegar. Try it and see yourself crystal clear.

Home cleaning- stained mirrors

Do Your Floor Last

If you are an experienced cleaner, you would know how important it is to clean up your floor last.

Home cleaning- floor

Reward Yourself

Good job! We agree, just patting yourself for doing your household chores is not enough. Well, how about having a glass of wine along with your favorite food in your clean, tidy and scented house?

Home cleaning- Reward yourself

Whether you choose to clean up your home yourself or get it cleaned with Housejoy, we hope that this fresh start to 2017 will be the onset to a fabulous year.
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Bring it on, dust and dirt!

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