Prep your Home for Winter With These Cool Tips

Winter season can be harsh, not just for you and your pets, but for your beloved home as well without proper care. Few necessary precautions can help you warm-up for the season.  Pay attention to certain aspects of your beloved home. We’ll help you get started.

Pay attention to wooden fixtures

Ever noticed why your wooden door fits like a rectangle peg in a square hole during different seasons? That’s because wood usually tends to warp; winter isn’t the best time for wooden fixtures, floors, or furniture. Dabbing the surface with linseed oil or using weather protective wood-polishes can help your fave chair survive the cold. 


Insulation can be a boon

Curtains, secondary glazing, window insulation film, do what it takes to keep the cold air out of your home. For homes that have tiled floors, winters can pose to be extra hard for the residents, consider using cork flooring or carpets. Taking necessary precautions beforehand and insulating your home can make all the difference on a cold winter’s night.


Check crevices for critters

If the idea of sharing your home with unwanted guests, eh, pests revolts you, then double-check nooks and crannies for critters who usually are on the lookout for warm, toasty nests that double as their home for the winter. Rats, rodents, and usually other creepy crawlies will consider your home as their own if left unchecked. A quick check by a trusted pest control expert can put you at ease.


Be extra cautious with electricals

Blackouts or short circuits can prove to be extremely annoying during winter, especially when the nights are considerably longer. A routine home electrical health check can help you avoid looking for those reading glasses, just like Wilma did.


Reverse psychology with the Blades

The ceiling fans when rotated clockwise can push hot air downwards. Contact an electrician or check for a switch that could reverse the rotation. This should make the room more comfortable at the same time.


Trees need a trim too

Winter storms can hit without a warning, if your home is lucky enough to be surrounded by tall trees and not high rise buildings then use a  trimmer and give it a little makeover. This helps avoid dead branches from falling and causing further damage.

Winter care is not just for your skin, it’s also essential for your home. Getting your home winter-ready can help you cherish the season. For more advice on maintaining your house during winter, speak to our experts, after all they are the experts on all things home.

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