Why You Shouldn’t Choose Non-Eco Friendly Pest-Control Methods

Regular pest control is an absolute necessity for the health and wellness of people and property. However, these treatments can be quite toxic to non-targets. No matter how thorough you are with your cleaning, if you do face an issue with an infestation, its always better to opt for an eco-friendly or natural pest control method. It’s safer for you, your family and your environment!


Collateral Damage

Chemical sprays can kill your plants and also damage soil, making it infertile. If your treatment area is anywhere near the garden, it can kill any flora within the affected vicinity. These chemicals also stay buried in the soil for a long time. With natural pest control treatments, only pesky insects are targeted, keeping your garden and your precious plants safe. 

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Health Complications

Any amount of exposure to these harmful chemicals can be dangerous to human development, reproduction, and the overall health of a human. Children or pets in the house are more at risk if left unsupervised. These chemicals will cause harm if they ever enter their bodies.


Lethal Side-Effects

Certain types of chemicals can eat away at wood and further damage your furniture, windows, and doors. Sometimes getting rid of those terrible termites using toxic pest control methods may lead to more nasty complications. Still not convinced?


The Pest Resistance

There is a possibility that bugs and rodents develop a resistance to chemicals over time. This resistance gets passed down from generation to generation making the GenX of pests more difficult to deal with. The pest-control treatments may sometimes render themselves useless. 


Affects Carbon-Footprint

When pesticides are applied or sprayed (even to a small area), they infuse with the surrounding air, water, and soil and stay there for long periods of time. This damages our ecosystem. Using an eco-friendly method reduces your carbon footprint and avoid further disrupting the natural balance of the ecosystem. 


Inconvenient Methods

Unlike non-eco-friendly pest control methods, natural pest control methods are odorless and non-lethal. Taking precautions such as covering food, cleaning out the fridge or evacuating the house will be limited as its an easier way to keep pests out without turning your home upside-down


Using natural pest control treatments gets the job done while ensuring that you don’t put our environment or your loved ones in harms way. With Housejoy, every pest control treatment involves the use of eco-friendly products used by experienced and trained professionals. So you can be sure that you and your family are safe. Although, we won’t say the same for those pesky pests.


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