An Architect ‘s Guide to Building Your Home in Bengaluru: Part 1

Would you trust a butcher to help you with a knee surgery because they understand how to use a knife well or go to a well-renowned medical expert? If you chose the latter (we’re hoping you did) then you’d understand why an expert’s opinion matters. The same argument is valid for an elaborate process such as construction. Associating with an Architect, an expert,  will give you a certain edge while constructing a home; the knowledge they possess about the materials, the process, and the expenses incurred will only prove beneficial in every aspect. Here’s all you need to know about constructing your home, we urge you to let the professionals who build houses for a living help you build yours.

Construction is a tedious process and involves many steps and procedures. However, the steps are not infinite, there is a start and we promise you that there is an end. What you need to understand are the various processes involved. Here’s a detailed look at them: Home Construction Process


Now that you have a fair idea of what it takes to start constructing your home, we’ll break down the individual steps, the materials needed, the approximate charges, and more. This will help you understand certain construction jargons that you would’ve overheard. 

A twist in the Plot

Plots are segregated sections that can be bought from the government or the owners who are selling their land. Buying a plot is the first step toward owning an independent home. Plots in India are mainly segregated according to these dimensions and are predominantly government approved plots. Such plots have been approved by various governing authorities such as the BDA, BMRDA, KIDB, BBMP, GRAM PANCHAYAT. The cost of a plot generally varies from site to site and the location it’s present in.

  • Rs 35 lacs to Rs 45 lacs for a 20×30 site or 600 sq ft.
  • Rs 45 lacs to 60 lacs for 30×40 site or 1200 sq ft.
  • Rs 40 lacs to Rs 80 lacs for a 40×60 site or 2400 sq ft.
  • Rs 70 lacs to Rs 1.3 cr for a 50×80 site or 4000 sq ft.
  • Rs 35 lacs to Rs 65 lacs for Revenue sites*

credit: *according to Architect & Design website

Once you have purchased your plot, the real work begins. This is where reaching out to a tenured architect gives you an added advantage and that’s where an architect’s role is crucial. They manage and appoint various other subcontractors, and have thorough knowledge when it comes to the processes, timelines, government permissions, and approvals, and are completely responsible for the quality of construction. Architects are given the primary responsibility of overseeing the entire project from approval to handover. 

Planning The Way Forward with An Architect

Planning the budget will be the next step. It mainly comprises of three stages.

  • Preliminary Approximate Estimation Process.

This is where a realistic first estimate is done.

  • Preparing BOQ’s

Detailed quotes from various contractors are shared for approvals 

This is the estimation shared with you for approval

You need to ensure you sit with the Architects to plan the budget and get an understanding of the timelines in mind. The architect’s budget planning is essential as they provide a clear understanding of the cash flow plan. Once the plan is agreed upon between both parties, the design and construction phase fall into the picture.

When it comes to constructing your home with your hard-earned money it is better left to the experts. We’ve always reiterated the same. Speak to our construction experts, get a better understanding of the processes in place, the duration, and the costs of constructing a home, then you can decide on building it.

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