5 Construction Signs You Must Know Before Visiting A Site

A construction site is packed with hazards and one has to be extremely cautious when visiting a construction site. Did you know – the most common fatalities in a construction site are falling from a height, something falling over a person or getting electrocuted?  If you have a home construction in progress and you are planning to visit it, there are a few signs you should be aware of.

Here are 5 construction safety signs you should know before entering a construction site.

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Danger! Construction Work in Progress

With so much happening around during a construction project, it’s important to be extra careful to avoid any kind of mishap.

Report to Site Office

When you come across this sign, know that it is important to register in the site office. This is done to keep a track of any person that is present at the site during demolition or any other machinery work where one could get injured.

Safety Helmets Required

One can never be too sure of the luck especially in a hazardous environment. This sign gives a clear indication that you need to wear a hard hat to protect yourself from falling objects.

Foot Protection Required

There are nails, sharp objects, broken bricks, and a lot more things are lying around a construction site. So if you see this sign, know that you have to wear rubber construction boots before you enter that area.

Unauthorized Entry Prohibited

If you see this sign, know that you are about to enter a restricted area and need permission to enter.

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