7 Alternate Building Materials that Can Save You Big Bucks!

Wood is always present in every list of building materials and is used in construction and even in interiors (panelling, making furniture, cabinets, etc.) for decades. But it has structural drawbacks and is not always the best (or cheapest or greenest) option. Here are some alternative building construction materials that can replace wood.

Engineered Wood

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If you want the look of wood but don’t want to be billed for it – engineered wood is for you. Engineered wood is made from compressed wood fibres fixed together with adhesives. When used as floorboards, engineered wood can be more stable than solid wood as they are more resilient to humidity and changes in weather.


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Granted, this might not seem like a green option, but due to its fast growing rate, bamboo is considered highly renewable. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for flooring, interiors and furniture. Learn about the Various Roofing Options you can choose from here. 

Vinyl Flooring

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An attractive and high-quality wood substitute, vinyl floors are easy to install. There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from. This modern flooring option is great for high-traffic areas like the kitchen because it is durable and super tough.

Wood-Effect Tiles

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Ceramic tiles with a wood effect are a great option to bring the look and feel of wood to areas of high moisture like the bathroom or balcony. Another great reason to use them in the balcony or patio is because even harsh sunlight won’t cause any fading. Find out how you can Make Your Balcony Stand Out with Interiors here


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Plywood is great for interiors and is used for walls, floors and furniture. Like engineered wood, plywood is manmade and consists of sheets of wood stuck together. It is sustainable, versatile and structurally stable though it was once considered a cheap building material.


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An eco-friendly option as no trees are cut down to create it, cork is becoming increasingly popular as a construction material. Mostly used indoors on walls, floors and furniture, cork is soft, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Wood-Effect Concrete

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Concrete is always included in building materials but did you know that it can possibly replace wood? Concrete can give you the appearance of wood, when stained with the right shade. Yes, it’s also not too environmentally friendly, but it will last a lifetime if maintained well.

Which of the following have convinced you that wood may not always be good when it comes to picking construction and building materials? Let us know by leaving a comment below

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