Painting Hacks From Professionals: Bigger Canvases for Bolder Statements

Painting your house can seem like a daunting task! The fact remains, that it is! Painting can be a messy job but if done right and by the right person, it can completely change the look of your room or home. 

  1. A Clean Slate 

Make sure that the walls are free of dust and debris before you begin work. You can use a rag or a duster or even better a broad and long Swiffer, it will help you reach and clean difficult areas.


  1. You’ve got it covered

Use a plastic sheet or a plastic tablecloth to protect your floor. If there are other items you want to shield like a sink or toilet, cover it with plastic and use plastic wrap to secure all the edges. There’s a special painter’s plastic wrap that has an adhesive. It prevents the paint from trickling down.

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  1. Clean and Tidy Job

Painter’s tape or masking tape is used to protect the rest of your surrounding areas such as adjacent walls or floors. Using tape gives a nice clean, crisp line. Sometimes the tape can be tough to remove. Heating it up with a hairdryer (turned on low heat) will make it easier to remove. 


  1. Layers of Protection

For other accessories and miniature fitting that are not on the to-paint list, namely screws, hinges, door handles, and knobs, you can apply petroleum jelly so that the paint doesn’t stick or get absorbed. It can be easily wiped clean post completion of the job.

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  1. The Plush Brush

A paintbrush that hasn’t been washed properly will ruin it and ruin any future paint job. To keep brushes soft and clean, soak them in white vinegar for about thirty minutes and rinse them with soap and water.



Painting your home can be fun, but keep in mind that it takes a certain amount of skill to get the finish right. Need the job to be completed in a timely manner with a more flawless finish then call in the experts from Housejoy!

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