Building a Home? Here are 10 Famous Buildings to Inspire You!

While designing a new home you might look at the obvious sources for inspiration – architecture magazines, Pinterest or that amazing house around the corner. Here’s an idea to make things a little more interesting – check out these world-famous buildings that might give you an idea or two for the design plans of your dream home.

The Forbidden City, China

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Most of the buildings within this complex are made from wood. The layout is symmetrical and based on the principles of Feng Shui.

The Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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Okay, building a castle might not be very feasible (or reasonable), but you can still add a fairy-tale-touch to your home by drawing inspiration from this castle that even inspired Walt Disney. It was ahead of its time and had the latest technology for that period.

Pantheon, Rome

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The concrete dome roof, the rectangular structure, the clever use of sunlight to highlight RX` parts throughout the day (and year) and various other design innovations make the Temple of God a true architectural masterpiece.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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The tallest building in the world is an example of how you can blend residential, official and entertainment uses in one place.

IIM Ahmedabad, India

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The exposed brick walls, numerous arches, prominent hallways and circles carved out in multiple places show how traditional architecture can blend seamlessly with modern architecture.

The White House, USA

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More than specific features of its architecture, The White House shows us how a building can go through so much change and still stay true to its original layout. The interiors have been enlarged and altered to keep with the changing times.

The Leaning Tower, Italy

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Though one side started sinking into the soft ground, the Leaning Tower is still one of the most remarkable architectural structures in the world. It just goes to show that different can be beautiful too.

The Dancing House, Prague

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Another building known for its unusual shape, the Dancing House is non-traditional and quite controversial. It has 99 concrete panels – all of different shapes and dimensions.

Sagrada Família, Spain

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Inspired by nature, this Holy Church has columns that look like trees and branches. Sunlight streams in through numerous little coloured glass windows, making it look all the more dreamy. Sometimes a concrete jungle isn’t a bad thing.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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Beautiful on the outside and the inside, these conservatories show the power of great imagination. Gardens by the Bay has cooled glasshouses, flower meadows, a misty mountain forest, elevated walkways and super-trees that can harness solar energy.

Even small ideas can come from big places. Let us know if these buildings gave you inspiration for the shapes, structures, materials or even the interiors of your home design plans.

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