It Checks Out: Our List of 200+ Quality Checks

Every construction project needs a checklist to maintain control over the entire construction, to help with inspection and to improve and measure the construction quality. At Housejoy we have our own system in place to ensure and maintain the highest quality standard for each construction project,


Introducing CONQUEST (Construction Quality Evaluation System) – Housejoy’s in-house Quality Control Certification for all construction projects. All our projects in execution will be assessed and certified on the same quality standards which fall under CONQUEST. 


CONQUEST has over 220+ unique quality checks and measures to deliver stellar standards in home construction. The detailed checklist is attached for your reference covering all construction activities from start to handover.


These are the main areas and a few examples of the kinds of checks in place:

Civil Execution

Pre Excavation (Site Survey, temp connections, documentations, cleaning etc) 

1. Check for Identification of REFERENCE BASE LINES & PERMANENT BENCHMARKS 2. Is the establishment of MAIN GRID LINES in both directions as per drawings?

3. Is the establishment of SUB-BASE LINES and BENCHMARKS as per drawings? 

4. Is the location of INDIVIDUAL STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS as per drawings? 

5. Are the MARKINGS OF BMs, CLs & GRID LINE as per specifications? 

6. Is the PROTECTION of SURVEY PILLAR up to mark? 

7. Is the establishment of BLOCK LEVELS acceptable? 

8. Is the preparation of EGL Map been done? 

9. Check for the control of SURVEY WORK in the vertical direction


10. Is the EXCAVATED AREA cleared of all obstructions? 

11. Is the LAYOUT, ALIGNMENT & SIZE of excavation marked on the ground as per plan? 

12. Have adequate WORKING SPACES been provided all around? 

13. Is the FOUNDING STRATA suitable for laying PCC (i.e. is it free from any soft pockets. If not, remove and fill with lean concrete/sand)? 

14. Is the DRESSING of the excavated area acceptable? 

15. Is the STABILITY of side slopes acceptable? 

16. Is the DEWATERING of the waterlogged area acceptable? 

17. Has the DISPOSAL of excavated soil to the specified area been done? 

18. Have the BARRICADING & CAUTION SIGNS been provided for deep excavations? 

19. Are the JOINT INSPECTION RECORDS complete?



20. Is only QUALITY APPROVED SOIL being used for backfilling? 

21. Is the backfilling being done in LAYERS, as specified? 

22. Is the backfilled area being WATERED sufficiently? 

23. Has the COMPACTION been done as specified? 

24. Is the backfilling done up to the SPECIFIED LEVEL? 


26. Has the DISPOSAL of surplus soil from the worksite been completed? 


Anti-Termite Treatment 

27. Is the treatment of the earthworks for the area COMPLETE? 

28. Has the loose soil been removed from the area and CLEANED?

29. Has RODING or CHANNELING been completed as specified (wherever applicable)? 

30. Is the CHEMICAL being used as per specifications? 

31. Is the CONCENTRATION of chemical emulsion acceptable? 

32. Is the spraying equipment (pumps & more) in GOOD WORKING CONDITION? 

33. Is the RATE OF APPLICATION of the chemical emulsion as specified? 

34. Check for UNIFORM APPLICATION of chemical emulsion PCC

35. Have the preceding activities for the area been completed?

36. Is the FORMWORK & DIMENSIONS acceptable? 

37. Is the MIX PROPORTION as specified? 

38. Is the PLACEMENT & COMPACTION acceptable? 

39. Is the FINISHED LEVEL as specified? 

40. Is the SURFACE FINISH acceptable? 

41. Is the CURING acceptable?

Concreting & Reinforcement 

Before Concreting 

42. Is the cleanliness of the area to be CONCRETED acceptable? 

43. Is the FORMWORK & REINFORCEMENT as per relevant checklists? 

44. Are the other preceding activities (fixing of inserts, embedment’s & service conduits, etc.) COMPLETED? 

45. Is the SUPPORT to forms & rigidity of the assembly acceptable? 

46. Check for provision of ACCESS PLATFORMS & WALKWAYS 

47. Check for provision and working condition of CONCRETE AIDS 

48. Has the sequence been explained to & understood by the CONCRETING GROUP? 49. Check for readiness of CONCRETE & FINISHING GROUP 


During Concreting 

50. Is the SLUMP of the concrete being poured? 

51. Is the CONTINUOUS FLOW of concreted being ensured? 

52. Is the POURING HEIGHT of concrete acceptable? 

53. Is there PROPER VIBRATION for the concrete to fit tightly against all the surfaces, reinforcements & embedment’s? 

54. Is the CONCRETE BLEND being poured in separate layers?

 55. Check for correct use of PLANT & MACHINERY 

56. Is the concrete being poured with INITIAL SETTING time of cement? 

57. Check for provision of CONSTRUCTION JOINTS, if necessary 

58. Is there LEVELLING & FINISHING of exposed concrete surface for planar structures likes slabs & pavements? 


After Concreting 

59. Check for suitable CURING ARRANGEMENTS 

60. Is the adequate amount of CURING being ensured for the specified period? 

61. Check for inserts and embedment’s EXPOSURE that are flush with the concrete surface 

62. Check for MARKING of location for service conduits & fittings wherever applicable 

63. Is there CORRECTIVE ACTIONS being taken for surface defects on exposed concrete? 

64. Check for removal of FORMS and its cleaning

Brickwork, Size Stone & Block Work Masonry 

Brickwork Masonry 

65. Is there AVAILABILITY of BRICKS as per daily requirements?

66. Is the work area CLEANED off of loose mortar, concrete, debris, etc. 

67. Is the ALIGNMENT & LOCATION of masonry as specified? 

68. Is the SUITABILITY & SAFETY of scaffolding acceptable? 

69. Check for wetting of BRICKS before using it 


71. Are the bricks being laid up with their FROGS UP? 

72. Are the dimensions, plumb level & right angles as specified? 

73. Check for BOND between old & new masonry 

74. Is the staggering of vertical joints being ensured? 

75. Check for the sizes of door & window openings 

76. Check for CLEANING & RAKING of joints 

77. Is the CURING for old masonry sufficient? 

78. Check for removal of DEBRIS 

Size Stone Masonry 

79. Is there AVAILABILITY of SIZE STONES as per daily requirements? 

80. Are the HEARTING, BOND, QUOIN & FACE STONES properly hammer dressed to 

obtain desirable shapes?

81. Is the ALIGNMENT & LOCATION of masonry as desired? 

82. Is the WETTING of size stones being ensured?

83. Is the MORTAR MIX PROPORTION as specified? 

84. Is the staggering of VERTICAL JOINTS being ensured? 

85. Is the THICKNESS OF MORTAR JOINTS as specified? 

86. Are the DIMENSIONS & LEVELS as per drawings? 

87. Is the PACKING of interstices within masonry with stone chips effective? 

88. Is the CLEANING & RAKING of joints being done? 

89. Is the CLEANING OF DEAD MORTAR completed? 

90. Is the sufficiency of CURING acceptable? 

Block Work Masonry 

91. Is there AVAILABILITY of BRICKS as per daily requirements?

92. Is the work area CLEANED off of loose mortar, concrete, debris, etc.? 

93. Is the ALIGNMENT & LOCATION of concrete block masonry as specified in the 

construction drawings? 

94. Is the SUITABILITY & SAFETY of scaffolding acceptable? 

95. Is the MOISTURE of concrete blocks before placing suitable? 



98. Are the dimensions, plumb level & right angles as specified? 

99. Check for BOND between old & new masonry 

100. Is the staggering of VERTICAL JOINTS being ensured? 

101. Check for sizes of door & window openings 

102. Check for CLEANING & RAKING of joints 

103. Is the CURING for old masonry sufficient? 

104. Check for removal of DEBRIS


105. Is the BAR BENDING SCHEDULE prepared? 

106. Is the bar bending schedule AVAILABLE for reference? 

107. Is the CUTTING & BENDING OF BARS as per BBS? 

108. Check for CLEANLINESS of bars 

109. Is the FIXING OF BARS correct as per construction drawings? 

110. Is the TYING OF REINFORCEMENT with BINDING WIRE satisfactory? 

111. Check for LOCATION of service conduits 

112. Check for READINESS of reinforcement to release for concreting 

Shuttering, Plastering & Waterproofing


113. Is the CLEANLINESS of forms acceptable? 

114. Check for assembly of scaffolds & shutters w.r.t. SHUTTERING SCHEMES? 

115. Check for provision & arrangement of SHUTTERING SCHEME 1

16. Check for RIGIDITY of assembled forms 

117. Check for CONFORMANCE of the assembled forms according to the DIMENSIONS, 

SHAPES, LINES & GRADE in the drawings? 

118. Check for SEALING OF JOINTS & HOLES in shutter forms 

119. Check for READINESS of shutter forms for release to fix reinforcement 

120. Check for removal of shutter forms & scaffolds after SPECIFIED DURATION 

121. Check for CLEANING of scaffolds & shutters (post removal) 

122. Check for PROPER STACKING of scaffolds & shutters (post removal) 


123. Are the PRECEDING ACTIVITIES like fixing of service conduits, water supply & sanitation lines COMPLETE? 

124. Check for RAKING of MASONRY JOINTS & HACKING on RCC surfaces 

125. Check for CLEANING & WASHING of masonry & RCC surfaces 

126. Check for SUITABILITY & SAFETY of scaffolding 

127. Check for REMOVAL of mould-releasing agent stains from the exposed concrete surfaces 

128. Check for AVAILABILITY of cement & fine aggregate for plastering 

29. Check for PROPER MIXING of MORTAR 


131. Check for ADDITION of WATERPROOFING COMPOUND, if specified 

132. Check for completion of CEILING PLASTER prior to plastering 

133. Did the PLASTERING start from the top and worked its way downwards to the floor? 

134. Check for THICKNESS & NUMBER OF COATS of plaster 

135. Check for true level surface, right angles & plumb 

136. Is the MORTAR being consumed within the initial setting time of cement? 


138. Check for ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES such as grooves, bands, etc 

139. Check for TRUE LEVEL SURFACE & SMOOTHNESS of plaster 

140. Check for REMOVAL of dead mortar & debris 

141. Check for SEALING OF OPENINGS in masonry for scaffolds 

142. Is the DATE OF PLASTERING marked on the plastered walls? 


144. Check for curing up to SPECIFIED DURATION

Architectural Design Compliance


146. Check for CLEANLINESS of base surface. Has the mortar and debris been removed from the work area? 

147. Have the preceding activities (fixing of doors, partitions, false ceiling, etc) been COMPLETED? 

148. Check for PROVISION of service conduits, junction boxes, etc 

149. Is the APPROVED PATTERN of LAYING available for reference? 

150. Are SLOPES for the tiled surface finalized? 

151. Check for availability of TILES & other construction aids 

152. Check for availability of TILING MASONS 

153. Is the MORTAR MIXING PROPORTION as specified? 

154. Is the THICKNESS OF MORTAR BED acceptable? 

155. Check for PATTERN of LAYING 

156. Check for the THICKNESS of JOINTS between tiles 

157. Check for TILING around doors, sanitary fittings, columns, partitions, etc 

158. Check the FINISHING of EDGES for cut tiles 

159. Check for the ADDITION of PIGMENT to cement, if required 

160. Check for CURING OF TILING for the specified period 

161. Check for CLEANING of tile surface 

162. Check for GRINDING & POLISHING 




164. Are the MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATIONS for painting available for reference? 


166. Check for cleaning of WALL & CEILING. Is it free from dead mortar, dirt, dust, algae, grease, etc? 


168. Check for SUITABILITY & SAFETY of scaffolding 

169. Is the SCAFFOLDING erected away from the surface so as to protect the surface 

from being painted? 

170. Check for AVAILABILITY of sufficient number of plastic emulsion containers 

171. Check for availability of PAINTING GROUPS 


173. Is the PROPORTION of PAINT & WATER MIX as per manufacturer’s specifications? 

174. Check for the CONSISTENCY of PAINT 


176. Check the NUMBER OF COATS 

177. Check the INTERVAL TIME between two coats 

178. Check for REMOVAL of scaffolds & cleaning 

Doors & Windows 

179. Check for plumb for the doorframe w.r.t. MASONRY OPENING 

180. Check for FASTENING of DOOR FRAMES to walls by screws 

181. Check for PLASTERING of WINDOW FRAMES to walls by screws 



184. Check for REMOVAL of protective coating & cleaning of the aluminium door before 


Civil Execution Waterproofing 

185. Is the BORE PACKING as per the specifications? 

186. Is the WATERPROOFING AREA free from undulation, broken edges & others? 

187. Have the loose particles been removed from the FLOOR SURFACE with putty blade 

& is the surface free from dust? 

188. Is the WALL TILE complete up to a minimum of 150mm above FFL? 

189. Is the WATERPROOFING COMPOUND MIX done as per the manufacturer’s 


190. Has the REINFORCING STRIP been properly embedded & overlapped without forming any air gap in between? 

191. Is the area damp before BRUSH-ON WATERPROOFING and is the application being done with a clean roller/brush? 

192. Check if the ENTIRE SURFACE is COVERED completely with the first coat of waterproofing without any pin holes 

193. Is the FIRST COAT completely DRY and is it free from dust? 

194. Check for the PONDING TEST



195. Is the FFL given from the PROJECT’S TEAM correct & verified? 

196. Is BUTTON MARK LEVEL on the wall for plastering correct? 

197. Have the BOXES been fixed according to the button mark? 

198. Are all of the FIXED BOXES in one level? 

199. Is the SPACING between adjacent BOXES correct? 

200. Are the required TOOLS for CHIPPING available? 

201. Has the RIGHT ANGLED CHIPPING been ensured at the corner of the chipped area? 202. Have the CONDUITS been inserted into the box? 

203. Is the PROPER SIZED BOX fixed? 

204. Check for completion of PROPER CURING for all the places where chasing/chipping has been done. Is it filled with CONCRETE/CEMENT MORTAR? 


205. Are the latest GFC drawings for the activity available? 

206. Are all the REQUIRED TOOLS available? 

207. Has the necessary CLEARANCE from CIVIL EXECUTION TEAM been given to start the plumbing work? 

208. Has the CUTOUT been provided as per the approved drawings? 

209. Has the BLOCK WORK PLASTERING & WATERPROOFING been completed? 

210. Has the MARKING of INTERNAL PLUMBING LINES on the walls been done accurately according to the meter marking? 

211. Have the THREADED JOINTS been properly covered with teflon tape? 

212. Has the CONCRETE PACKING been done properly wherever required? 

213. Have the OUTLET LEVELS been levelled properly using spirit level? 

214. Is the height of PLUMBING FIXTURES as per drawings? 

215. Check for PROPER CURING for the concrete that has been packed 

216. As per requirement, is the PROPER SLOPE being maintained for sewage and wastewater lines? 

217. Are the SHAFTS for TOILETS, fixing of CLAMS using ANCHOR BOLTS for holding pipes in position been fixed away from the bore packing area? 

218. Is PROPER SLOPE being maintained for the same as prescribed in the drawings? 

 219. Check for the SOIL LINES connection to the inspection chambers at the ground level 

or at the basement 

220. Check if the WASTE WATER LINES are connected to the gully traps at the ground level or at the basement and then connected to the inspection chambers 

221. Check if all the TRAPS are sealed with a gunny bag & a layer of PLASTER OF PARIS at the top to minimise the choke up problem 

222. Check for the COMPLETION of PROJECT as per the floor plan & elevation 

Project Management

223. Ensure HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL management 

224. Check for ADHERENCE of project schedule at every stage 

225. Check for PROCESS ADHERENCE at every stage 

226. Check if QUALITY CHECKS are being done at every stage of the construction project 



CONQUEST has over 220 quality checks for every floor of construction to ensure compliance with established quality standards. In case of any issue reported by the team, it is immediately checked and resolved. So you have over 220 reasons to know your future dream home is in good hands.


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