How to Choose a Good Contractor & Architect

For your home construction project to go smoothly and successfully, it is very important to hire a good contractor. They have to coordinate with the entire team and get things done efficiently. Hence it is important to be able to differentiate between a professional contractor over a local one. What’s the difference you might wonder, well, here is a short video explaining just that and why it is important to pick a professional contractor and architect for your home construction project.

What’s the difference between a local & professional contractor?

A normal or local contractor is the kind you find in your vicinity – friends’ and family recommended contractor who’s been a trusted name in your locality. A professional contractor comes backed with all the required documentation, professional experience needed to build a house while a local one may or may not be timely, responsible or accountable.

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Reasons why you should choose a professional contractor?

✓ Legit Documentation

✓ Timeliness

✓ Systematic Cash Flow Management

✓ High Quality of Construction Materials Used

✓ Premium Quality of Work

✓ Teams up With Specialized Architect & Engineers

Why is a professional architect needed?

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Architects play a vital role in designing the perfect executable plan for your home construction. For one to understand why a professional architect is needed, it is important to first know what an architect does. 

What does an architect do?

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  • Their creativity is beyond what you can actually get in the market
  • They can cater to all demands and requirements of the client
  • They are certified professionals
  • They are team players and can work with other engineers in sync
  • They have a systematic way to complete the task on schedule

What is the process followed by architects at Housejoy?

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  • Step 1: Meet clients and jot down requirements
  • Step 2: Concept plan is made and finalized
  • Step 3: 3D Elevation and views are shown for approval
  • Step 4: Structural, plumbing and electrical plans are made

In conclusion, architects are the building blocks of the house. If you want professionals to design your home, you can get in touch with us by calling us on 7676446889 or visiting our website here.

Stay tuned for more informative topics.

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