How to Choose the Right Construction Materials?

Building a home on a tight budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!  Here is a curated list of how to choose the right construction materials for your dream home project.

Building Materials

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AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are lightweight solid blocks that are insulating and durable and can be produced in a wide range of strengths and sizes.

Rice Husk Ash Concrete

A durable and eco-friendly construction material, RHA can be used as an alternative to cement but only partially. It can be used for concreting the foundation, as an insulator and for the floors of bathrooms and swimming pools.


Other alternatives include: blocks that are made from recycled construction debris, fibre-reinforced concrete, timbercrete (combination of sawdust and concrete), ferro-cement and ferrock (concrete-like building material made from steel dust)


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Vitrified Tiles

One of the cheapest flooring options and comes in a variety of looks, including wooden. They are easy to install and look great.

Indian Marble

Indian varieties of marble are cheaper than the imported kind so if you want that marble look, you can find some reasonably priced options of it.

Ceramc Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean (except for the cracks between them, but there are plenty of DIY methods to keep them clean).


Other popular pocket-friendly flooring materials include laminate, cork, reclaimed hardwood and more.


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When it comes to anything electrical, you can’t look for the cheapest option but have to go with the safest. Copper wires are the popular choice and aluminium are the cheaper option but there is the risk of rust affecting the flow of electricity. Make sure your contractor is getting fire-resistant wires and from a reputed brand.

Bathroom Fittings

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In case of bathroom fixtures, the cost depends on the type of fitting and the brand. Most brands have a warranty of almost seven years. The main things to consider are durability, design and cost. The options are brass, steel, plastic and zinc. While plastic is the cheapest, it’s also the least durable and will make your bathroom look like the ones outside a highway dhaba. Zinc faucets are also inexpensive but again, not very durable. Stainless steel is a good option as it will last but cheap steel will probably rust in a few years. Brass is expensive and has a good amount of lead which will make its way into the water, especially if the water is hot.

Yes, some material costs are on the rise but it’s important to see that you don’t choose the cheaper construction materials at the cost of safety. Know the pros and cons of all the construction materials and make sure you have a trustworthy builder and contractor.


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