The Different Stages of Construction

Not all construction jobs are the same, but there are some stages in the process that are pretty standard. It’s a good idea to ask your builder or contractor for the timelines of these stages before the work starts. Here are some of the usual stages in the construction of a house:

Planning and pre-construction period

Planning Pre Construction

This is the initial period when the permits have to be got and all the plans are made. There are various plans like floor plan, site plan, cross sections, elevations, plumbing, electrical, etc. which have to be drawn up and finalized so that all the parties can give their consent and the construction process can go on smoothly. This stage can take a few months.

Site Prep and Floor Slab


Next the site is cleared and levelled. Shrubs and debris will be removed and the foundation will be poured in. The average time taken for all this would be a month. 

Frame and Roof

Frame and Roof

When the floor slab is cured, the frame of the house will be built. Walls will be put up and the house will have some structure. This process can take time and weather conditions can cause delays. Installing the roof will be last. On average, it should take about three months. 

External finishes

External Finishes

Next the external walls will be finished with the chosen material – wooden planks, concrete, etc. This stage won’t take long but it depends on the material. Wood or steel involves  cladding and insulating.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

Now is when the windows and external doors are installed. After this stage the house will be more or less weather proof so the work on the interiors can begin. 

Wiring and Plumbing


The electricians and plumbers will start on the wires, cables and pipes. They will still all be protruding and will not be connected to the source yet. This stage is also called “roughing in” because it will be completed later. This process should roughly take a month or two.



Now work starts on the internal walls, finishes and floors. This stage involves all the plastering and painting.



If there’s any built-in furniture like storage or kitchen cabinets, now is the time when that is done. This can even be done along with the interiors. The entire thing shouldn’t take more than two months. 

Finishing touches

Finishing Touches

Now is when the finishing touches are made. The electrician will install all the lights, fans, switches and power outlets. The plumber will install the sinks, showers and faucets. 

Practical completion

Practical Completion

The home owner and the builder will take a tour of the house and make a list of things that need to be changed or fixed (paint touch-ups, caulking, etc.) This is when any final issues can be discussed.



This is the final stage when all the points discussed in the previous stage are checked and the keys are handed over to the owner. 

This is just a rough guide of the construction process and it might vary depending on the builder or type of property. Knowing these basic steps will give you a better idea of the construction process and timelines.

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