All The More Reasons To Begin Home Construction This Diwali

It’s that time of year again. People are in a festive mood and the time for celebrations is upon us. This is also a time that is looked at as a fresh start or in the case of 2020 a fresh re-start.

No doubt your dream home construction plans were abruptly halted this year. But the market is optimistic and the forecast looks clear so why delay anymore? Housejoy has created a range of exclusive offers for all your residential house construction and renovation needs this Diwali. From brick to roof, we have you completely covered and a little bit pampered. 

Want to start construction of your new house but still haven’t started? Waiting because you haven’t found a trusted builder? Well, try the best construction company for you!

At Housejoy, we have exclusive home construction offers tailored for this very scenario.

Home Construction: 

Under this scheme, there is no immediate payment required to start building your dream home. Once your project is finalized we will commence the construction process. Only after the footing is completed do you need to pay. You get to see our speed and expertise before you even pay us a penny.  We’re not limited to just construction offers. If this scheme is picked then you also get furnishings worth Rs. 2,00,000 to help make your house a home.

It’s quite literally raining gold as well! 10gms worths of gold plus plush interiors worth Rs.50000 and more offers are


Floor Addition/ Renovation:

Sometimes you don’t want to shift out of your current home but wish it would be bigger. That’s completely possible with a floor addition. But the problem with floor addition is the additional expense that sometimes becomes exorbitant. For a very limited time, Housejoy is offering a Floor Addition/Renovation plan that takes off Rs.100 per sq. ft. You’ll thank us when you see how much this reduces your total cost. No matter the size of the floor plan, you enjoy a discount of Rs.100 per sq. ft.  But if that wasn’t extravagant enough, we’re also adding Rs. 50,000 worth of furnishings! It’s time to expand your base of operations.



Being the festive season, it is common to want to touch-up your home interiors. But in 2020 the demand for interior modifications and changes has been at an all-time high. No doubt this is due to the fact that your home is now also your office, restaurant, pub, and resort. We at Housejoy have always offered very competitive pricing for Interior work but because this year has been hard enough already, we figured you could use a little more help. Enjoy FLAT 15% off on the total value of any project. You heard it right! No matter the size of the project, no matter the duration or any additional issues. You get a clean 15% discount on the final total value. No additional terms or conditions applied.

Waiting on these offers wouldn’t be the best idea as time is running out fast. So why wait for the festive season to run out? Call us now to book a service!

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