Construction Trends to Look Out for in 2019!

Wait! Call your contractor and tell him to hold on. Here are the latest construction trends that might inspire you to make some changes to your dream house design plan.

Green Living

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Many homeowners are looking for sustainability and an eco-conscious lifestyle. This means they are looking for construction designs that use natural light and renewable energy sources. They are also installing Low-E windows (radiant energy easily passes through the glass) as well as low-flow toilets.


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Sunrooms with large windows have always been very popular and are now being included more in new construction plans. They serve as multipurpose rooms for any home. Natural building elements like stone or brick for the floor will look great, especially if seating and greenery are included in the design.

Open Kitchens

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Over the last few years, open kitchens have become very popular. This trend will continue for years to come. There are numerous open-kitchen layouts to choose from depending on specific needs and interests of the family. Island, breakfast bars or counter seating make the kitchen more fun and allows the family and even guests to stay close even if the host is preparing dinner.

Study / Office Space

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Whether you carry work home, are self-employed or take advantage of your company’s work-from-home policy, having a study in the house plans is always going to be beneficial. Having an office at home is becoming more than a trend, it’s almost as essential as a dining room. To make the room more interesting, people are adding a reading corner, exposed brick walls and using industrial lighting.


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To give homes a more welcoming and cozy feel, many homeowners are requesting for materials like stone, brick, concrete, bamboo and other wood to be used in the design.

In the bathroom

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Adding a more vintage look, shades of brass and gold are being used for bathroom fixtures. People are going for darker tiles and more storage space in the bathroom. Walk-in showers and big bathtubs are being included in the main bathrooms.

If you were building a home which one these trends (or any others we might have missed) will you incorporate? Leave a comment and let us know.

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