Chapter 1: The Future of Construction Is Here

The ancient industry that has been responsible for building empires has embraced the offerings that technology comes bearing. The industry’s age-old methodology has been introduced to new age thinking and the bond has been cemented. It’s the dawn of a new era in construction.


AR and AI Integration

There are ways to understand your surroundings and then there is a way to experience it. AR or Augmented Reality allows the stakeholders involved with a 3-dimensional view of various stages of a project, giving them an absolute edge and control of what the final product will resemble enabling a future view of a current project.



Modular Construction Methods

A faster, better and easier option that created quite a stir upon its conception. Modular buildings are constructed in factories and moved to the site. Commercial to home, prefabricated and modular buildings have given builders an easier way of providing customers with fully constructed, quality homes at the fraction of the time while saving a substantial amount of money, for both, client and the construction firm.



Construction Management Software 

The diligent use of future tech is an essential infusion in this space. In the world of construction, transparency, tracking, and coordination are various pain-points for all the stakeholders involved. Drones, cloud tech, and digital technologies are enabling access to vital information, real-time, to all relevant stakeholders. Live tracking of the workforce, remote monitoring, and surveillance of the site, tracking payments, the progress of projects. Various depts are better connected thus optimizing communication which will eventually result in better coordination and expedited projects and better 

This is just the beginning, and evolution is constant. The foundation has been laid and upon it, advancements in technology, material, management are being developed. Housejoy uses technology to drive construction projects. Find out more by speaking to one of our construction experts!




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