Vacation Everyday: Creative Ideas to Build a Stress-Free Home!

Been too busy to take a vacation? We feel you! Escape the monotony with a Vacation Home. Make your habitat a neat vacation house with a pool, a smart modern design, sustainability, or just integration with sweet elements of nature.

Warning! – Seeing some of these ideas might totally bum you out about your current home! But on a positive note, it might just inspire you with amazing ideas to renovate and redesign your present living space!

Hammocks for Workspace

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Working makes you feel tired? Add a trendy hammock to your 9-5 area and relax while you work!

Backyard Movie Theatre

build 2

Movie fanatic? Turn your backyard into a theatre and screen your favourites for friends and family.

Backyard Beach with Walk-in Pool

build 3

Busy schedule keeping you from taking a getaway trip? Add this to your House plans to take a vacay whenever you want!

Underground Spiral Wine & Vegetable Cellar

build 4

Fascinated by age-old wine cellars? Add a classy and modern touch to your kitchen with an underground wine and vegetable cellar.

In-house Treehouse for Kids’ Room

build 5

Give your kids an adventurous childhood. Redo your kids’ bedroom into a treehouse.


Inspired by these brilliant home designs? Tell us which one you’d trade your vacation days for?

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Img Credit: VistaproLandscape, Genuwinecellars, Weburbanist


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